Because things seem to be going in the direction of the devaluation if not all out collapse of the world’s reserve fiat currency, the United States dollar, it is vital we prepare just in case.

Instead of living in fear, we should be getting ready for whatever may come. We know that the dollar is losing value, as happens when more of them are created out of thin air. But we do not know the extent of just how bad things we can get.

But being prepared will help eliminate any fear of what could come. We can do that by putting ourselves in a position to provide for our families ourselves or do without. We may need to cut back and those cuts may need to be deep depending on your current situation.

This is also a good time to learn to grow your own food as a piece of being able to fend for yourself. Anything extra you grow could be traded/bartered so you can have some to the things you may be missing. The threats of empty grocery shelves seem to be bombarding the mainstream media lately, and if that becomes our reality, we will need to know how to grow food or forage for our food.

We should also be stockpiling valuable tools. Tools like hammers, rope, and tarps can be invaluable if you need them. Nails, screws, and more simple items than can be used to mend things are also going to come in handy. Handheld tools will be better to stockpile just in case you have to go without electricity for some time. If you have a few hammers, and your neighbor doesn’t even have one, you will have yet another valuable item that could be bartered.

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    Other items that can be bartered are precious metals. Gold and silver could also help you maintain your wealth during a dollar crisis, so they should be considered either way.

    Along with that, basic skills like sewing, or cooking will come in handy too. Make sure you know how to obtain water to drink, cook with, and bathe with.

    Strengthen your relationships with those living near you. We may need to rely on each other and if you are known to be the angry one, you may not get as much help as those perceived to be more kind. Treat others with respect and understanding. Not everyone will be prepared if something does happen, but some will be and we may need to ask them for help at some point.

    Most of all, learn to be happy. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best while being happy with what you have. When we sit around angry and fearful, we are changing our habit to be so. By making the commitment to being happy and helpful in times of chaos or distress, we could enhance our lives while everything else seems to be crumbling around us. Be grateful for your spouse and for the fore thought of preparing.

    Be grateful you will be able to help others not just survive but thrive if need be.

    Make the most of today by preparing for tomorrow.

    Best Regards,

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