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We’ve heard it a lot: it’s more expensive to eat healthy foods than unhealthy foods. In fact, where I live, two heads of organic green leaf lettuce cost more than a big bag of potato chips. So, while there’s some truth that buying better food is costlier, healthy food choices are a great investment in your personal wealth because it’s an invest in your personal health.

In the long run, eating an unhealthy diet can have your forking over tens thousands of dollars more in medical expenses than those who choose to spend just a few dollars more a day to eat better. Paying for good quality nutrition will save you boat loads of money on your healthcare expenses.

Americans, on average, have a carbohydrate heavy, sugar-laden diet full of processed foods. This type of diet has done untold damage to our society. More than half of the population is overweight or obese and many assume that spending more to eat better is just not worth it. But trust me, it is!

What we consume has important implications and affects the overall lifetime costs of our healthcare. Scientific research suggests that improving the quality of the average American’s diet could substantially reduce the burdensome costs associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and other major health problems. Improving the standard American diet is not a new idea to help save on future medical costs.

In fact, some hospitals have even taken to using food as medicine. Considering what we eat in general is making us sick and unhealthy, it isn’t so far fetched to assume that a small increase in expenditures on high quality vegetables and meat instead of cheap boxed and processed foods could have the net result of thousands of dollars saved.

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    Don’t just assume that eating one more serving of vegetables a week will do the trick either. To really impact your long-term health and pad your wallet with those savings on medical bills, consider giving up other harmful habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Cutting back on these bad habits will more than save you enough to start on your journey of more healthy eating habits.

    Those who are wealthy have come to understand that enjoying their money and living a life free from illness and the risks associated with a poor diet far outweigh the temporary pleasure gotten from chowing down on an entire box of cookies.

    The change isn’t an easy one. We are all surrounded by foods that can destroy our gut health and see us packing on the pounds. But it’ll be worth it. Not only will you save money, but you’ll feel better and likely live longer to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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    James Davis

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