The 5th Frontier

For most of human history, land was the only front where battles were fought. Strong and able armies of men stormed at each other.

One fateful day, one enlightened inventor discovered the wheel and men figured out ways to build carriages of all sorts to ride faster; at the same time, tribes were learning to use horses and other animals to their advantage.

When men thought of the potential of traversing the waters and oceans, he created the second battlefront, sea.

For most of human history, these were the only fields of war, but the 20thcentury brought about a 3rd frontier, which joined land and sea… air.

By the time WW2 rolled by, airplanes were instrumental and indispensable to the war effort, as well as submarines, first powered by diesel engines, which required coming up for air and, now, nuclear-powered ones, reserved only for the big empires of the world, which can roam the oceans for months on end, without surfacing!

In the 1960s, air evolved into space and, today, it is known as the 4th frontier. The U.S. is the clear leader, with China a distant second, and Russia, Japan and India, along with several others, making their first big strides in manning the battle stations of low orbit.

As I write this, I’m perplexed by it all… thinking about how we must look from afar, a small rock spinning through infinite space, yet filled with people fighting each other, rather than celebrating this miracle…

Anyway, let’s get back to talking about reality, not about utopia…

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    The 5th frontier is soon evolving into a crucial one: The sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines and the ability to deny involvement, shows how much this underwater terrain is becoming the next frontier.

    Under the oceans lay most of the world’s international communications cables, connecting nations to each other and to the world wide web (the internet).

    Now that Russia has separated from Europe as an ally, it is treated as an enemy, but Russia leads the world in submarines and underwater weaponry.

    In 2018, Putin showed how Moscow has developed underwater nuclear torpedoes, which, when detonated, can create tsunamis reaching all the way to London.

    Italy, Spain, France, the UK and, of course, the world’s top submarine technology country, Germany, all paid attention and have since raced to build submarine and underwater weapons, going as far as designing fully-autonomous fleets, which will use A.I. and algorithms to traverse the oceans.

    These could sabotage and disconnect Taiwan from the world, for example, if China wanted to, or damage offshore oil and gas rigs, resulting in energy shocks.

    Wind turbines in the economic waters of countries, fiber optics cables, underwater mine fields and disruption to ports and logistics, will play a major role in the years ahead.

    Russia, with its 58 submarines, of which 11 are nuclear, is a formidable force and will continue to be a major threat in the seas.

    If you didn’t see Putin’s 2018 speech, the torpedo is called Poseidon.

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