It’s all over the news and part of the American economy now: legalized cannabis has come out of the shadows and into our lives permanently. There’s no stopping the movement at this point, and there’s no end to the financial rewards that can come to smart investors in this ever-growing industry.

I only wish that this movement had been around when I was younger because it’s so easy to sign up for a brokerage account, and you can even trade on your phone now. Plus, the timing for a cannabis market investment is perfect – America is on the cusp of legalization, where it’s only a matter of time before the government gives in to the will of the people and finally grants the states the right to decide whether or not cannabis ought to be legal.

Naturally, you can expect your cannabis stock position to prosper when full legalization does happen, assuming you chose the right company and bought shares when the price was still low. You can make it complicated for yourself if you want to, or you can keep it simple by investing in a company like C21 Investments Inc. (CSE: CXXI), which covers the full range of the cannabis trade from cultivation to processing, manufacturing, and distribution of the product.

Simply by investing in C21, you’re getting maximum shareholder value through their vertical integration business model. This strategy fulfills C21’s vision of acquiring and building premium cannabis-focused subsidiaries while mitigating risk and always ensuring brand integrity.

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    With C21 Investments Inc., you simply get more: more square feet of cultivation and processing space, more branded products, and more eager paying customers every month – and the numbers are constantly growing as robust consumer demand for legalized cannabis continues to drive C21’s revenues.

    You also get an unmatched team of experts at C21 with decades of experience and a successful track record in horticulture cultivation, manufacturing, biochemistry, marketing, operations, capital markets, securities law, and financial engineering.

    This team is led by President, CEO, and Director Robert Cheney, a legend in the business with an outstanding track record in building exceptional management teams and maximizing investment opportunities with strong growth potential.

    C21 is proving to be Mr. Cheney’s most ambitious venture yet as he builds the next cannabis market superstar – but retail investor haven’t bid the stock price up to the sky yet because C21 hasn’t been discovered by the mainstream media pundits yet.

    Once they find out about C21’s astonishing sales figures, I’m predicting that the stock price will jump and today’s shareholders will profit handsomely while onlookers wish they’d gotten in earlier.

    Just one of C21’s holdings, a popular Nevada dispensary called Silver State Relief, has projected 2020 revenues of up to $50 million. This dispensary literally has over 35,000 customers per month, with a record of 2,700 customers served in a single day.

    And that’s just one of C21’s revenue streams, as the company has a growing suite of carefully selected cannabis brands – there’s no need to build them from scratch, as these were already extremely lucrative businesses when C21 acquired them.

    We’re recommending CXXI shares as an easy way to get into the cannabis business without having to run a dispensary or a cultivation facility yourself. With an investment in C21, you can let them do all the hard work while you reap the benefits and take home the profits.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Ameduri

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