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84% of U.S. equities are held by the top 10% of earners, and they’re panicking. There’s a big reason why, which is because they realize that what we’re undergoing is a NATURAL RECESSION – not a temporary, fleeting hiccup, but a real disruptive shift in the way the economy works.

Their wealth is derived from their expertise in assessing how the world works today, but they fear change because it introduces uncertainty and leads to the unwinding of many existing forces. In other words, a NATURAL RECESSION, a healthy one, reshuffles the board and allows competition to enter.

People hate to make big sacrifices without knowing well in advance that there will be ample justification and tremendous rewards for rolling up their sleeves, so these billionaires and Wall Street tycoons are awfully pissed about the unbelievable effort it will take over the coming 2 to 4 years just to KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE!

Growth, prosperity, and abundance were on full display when the central banks supported the economy and allowed growth to occur uninterruptedly. Even as COVID-19 erupted and spread and there were talks of shutting the world down for three years, they were able to offset all of that by promising to intervene.

Now that they’re withdrawing their commitment of support, what’s been dubbed “The FED Put,” which is the theoretical threshold of pain to equities when the FED becomes dovish again, is causing billionaires to freak out!

The biggest buyer in the market has folded their tent and packed their bags.

Everyone now looks at their assets and thinks about their fair value if the entity with the most liquidity and deepest pockets is draining credit out while inflation rages on.

You can readily see why the NASDAQ 100 has fallen by 30% in 5 months or how the Russell 2000 has collapsed by 32% this year. Smart money is anticipating more issues, more bankruptcies, less debt issuance to fuel growth, and a tighter economy.

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    Courtesy:, Bloomberg

    Stagflation is what Wall Street dreads.

    In this type of world, most wage earners are making less in real terms and are kept from enjoying economic growth and progress.

    Most businesses are absorbing costs, profits are shrinking, and those that normally invest in their future are being forced to slow down.

    In stagflation, commodities are the only game in town.

    We are extremely ready for stagflation.

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    If prices of equities and real estate are unable to outpace inflation, we continue to have worker shortages, and China’s ports are unreliable, the price projection in the chart above represents a DOUBLING in price while other asset classes falter.

    In other words, what’s suggested above is the ultimate hedge.

    In stagflation, the goal is to preserve purchasing power in your portfolio while aggressively capitalizing upon the disruptive nature of the business cycle. Entrepreneurs that aren’t ready will fail while the few that are will exponentially expand their influence.

    Don’t freeze in place.

    This is a decade of huge changes, and in the next 2 to 4 years, most of the biggest new trends will be forming in technology, real estate, politics, finances, social preferences, and entertainment.

    From a bird’s-eye view, all of these new trends will prove to shake the confidence of many, furthering the need to hedge with gold!

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