Blind Fanatics

Xi Jinping: you just remember that name. He’ll be celebrated in Chinese history books because history is written by those that chop the heads off their enemies, but deep thinkers, independent analysts, and those that cherish the truth and not propaganda will see him as pure garbage that walked the Earth.

Like all fanatics, he cannot objectively see reality. It was just over a year ago when this imbecile who has made so many grave errors in his conceit and madness learned from Joe Biden that a balloon owned by the Chinese government was taken down over American soil.

None of his own top officials were brave enough to present him with the information in fear of what might happen to them.

China is a country where pets are still sold as food, spitting at each other on the street is commonplace, communism spread like wildfire in the wake of the Soviet Union, organs are harvested from minorities, and dissidents of the regime vanish like it’s nothing, and it’s in total collapse.

The only ones who can’t see it are those so embroiled in the love of conspiracy theories that they think people exaggerate the weakness of the Chinese economy and don’t believe that their fragile social contract (the government does no wrong, and people get respect from other nations) is crumbling into depression.

In any democratic society, a man like that would already be in a mental institution for insanity, but in China, a country whose values revolve around giving power to authority, he is paraded as a messiah.

China was the greatest benefactor of the American-led globalization, and it single-handedly destroyed its own prosperity, abundance, and any hope of riches since it made itself the enemy of the United States.


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    China’s currency is now the weakest it’s been compared to the Japanese yen in 30 years.

    The YEN!

    Xi Jinping, you have taken the system the Americans have given you that made you kings of global trade and ruined it even after America’s Navy has protected waters for the benefit of Chinese tankers.

    You have now destroyed any chance of lasting peace. Because of your country’s insane corruption at the local levels as well, you’re going to undergo the mother of all real estate crashes.

    You’ve allowed 50 other countries to outbid yours in terms of manufacturing costs, so you’re not cheap and competitive anymore on your bread-and-butter products, but you’re also nowhere near the level of the United States in technology.

    Your reckless and genocidal handling of the lab leak in Wuhan that spread around the world for over a month before you made the international community aware is the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity, and everybody with a brain knows it came from your labs that don’t meet the basic standards of science.

    It doesn’t help that you collude with the Mexican cartels to infect and move drugs into America while brainwashing the unsuspecting youth with post-modernist and Marxist garbage, but like all evil and stupid people, you will find a creative way to self-destruct and blame America for it.

    Oh, and let’s not forget about the likelihood of energy and food shortages in your country. You could at least make sure people have something to eat when the ship sinks.

    Best Regards,

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