Your Life is About to Change: Everyone’s Will…

It’s Very Important to See This Clearly

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Our most recent experiences often create limiting beliefs or a type of certainty that is based on past truths, but not the current facts on the ground.

Stocks for the long-term are one of those past truths that is about to be completely shattered.

All the books being written about the virtues of stock ownership are grossly jaded by recency bias, and a clear paradigm shift is happening right now.

1. Pensions of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, combined with the 401(k), introduced in the early 1980s, caused a tremendous amount of buying volume in the stock market for decades.

2. Baby boomer demographics increased the demand for everything in our economy, which unleashed a real economic boom, including the stock market.

3. Deficit spending: Since the 1970s, Americans and their government have been buying everything on credit.

Each of these are pillars that helped drive stocks to where they are today, at their highest valuations ever on some metrics. Not only are those pillars broken, but they are set to completely reverse.

***Pensioners and 401(k)ers are about to sell stocks just as aggressively as they purchased them through their lifetimes. There is no buying the dip by these 70-year-olds – they are selling stocks to survive. 

***Spending amongst baby boomers who retire will absolutely collapse.

*Retired people are living off a lot less income, and it’s fixed, which brings a scarcity mindset and a huge decline in spending.

*It’s a normal cycle of life, so we can predict a reduction in spending with certainty.

*More people will enter retirement over the next 8 years than at any point in our country’s history.

***The U.S. Federal Government spent $1.8 trillion in the first five months of 2019. The last time we came anywhere close to this was when we had the $700 billion bailout for the banking industry in 2008 and the $787 billion stimulus in 2009.

*Our government and our people are dependent on deficit spending with what are historically the lowest interest rates we’ve ever had.

*Credit card debt is currently at an all-time high, with the prior record in 2008.

*50% of Americans are actually maxed out on their credit cards.

With certainty, we can make these predictions:

  • Stocks are going to have considerable pressure from the baby boomer generation becoming net sellers.
  • What’s fueled our economy and stock market for decades is about to completely dry up.
  • The credit expansion has reached its limits, Americans are literally maxed out, and our government debt levels have become a joke. No one in the world thinks any of this debt will ever be paid off.

Where do we go from here? How can we, as individuals, protect ourselves and prosper during this change in our way of life? That’s what I want to focus on here at Future Money Trends.


James Davis
Wealth Strategist,

James Davis
Wealth Strategist,

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