Dear Reader,

There is zero chance of a successful impeachment.

This is just noise, so ignore it and look for opportunities.

1. 2020 is an election year and the market will likely churn if it looks like President Trump will be re-elected, which it does right now. If it looks like he could lose to Warren or a far-left candidate, look for the markets to absolutely collapse as an attack on the wealthy would be highly disruptive to the real economy and stock market.

2. Expect a trade deal with China before the election. China loves Trump because he’s a disrupter and they are using him to their advantage. Trump isn’t going along to please our allies, he’s looking to balance out decades-old trade deals, some of them made in the 1940s to help rebuild the rest of the world after WW2. China likes this because they can offer friendship to anyone who is feeling the heat from the U.S.

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    3. IMPEACHMENT – It’s honestly a dumb idea and only has political strategy behind it. The President has a 94% approval rating amongst Republicans, and any Republican who votes to impeach him will lose nearly all of his voters in their next election. It’s also political party suicide; a removal of the President with the help of his own party will kill that party for decades, if not permanently. This has zero chance of success, so accept that it’s noise and use its headlines as an opportunity to buy assets that are negatively affected by it.

    So where are the opportunities right now? Gold, cash flow in real estate and high-quality blue-chip stocks.

    Earnings are up and costs are falling. With the 2020 election, we expect extreme volatility in the public markets.

    GOLD – We are moving into a negative interest rate world, with 45% of the world experiencing it so far, and the U.S. will get there soon enough. Gold is the biggest opportunity, and we also consider it a cash position, which is great because depending on how 2020 goes, we may want to be cashed up for new opportunities.

    The inverted yield curve will lead to an economic BOOM!

    Yes, you read that right: the inverted yield curve is going to give us further economic expansion.

    I’ll explain this in detail this Sunday.

    Best Regards,

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