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Real estate is the millionaire’s safe haven and the go-to asset for stable income.

Today, it’s easier than ever to begin receiving monthly or quarterly checks from real estate investments.

Commercial property, residential, and even collecting income from owning a piece of the mortgages is all as easy as buying a stock today.

In the past, many of these investments were only available to the wealthy, but that’s no longer true thanks to the FinTech revolution.

Traditional real estate investing isn’t for everyone anyway… In order to become an active real estate investor, it does require a bit of time and effort, which is fine, but if that’s not your thing, you can still own real estate without any of the hassle or the volatility of a publicly-traded real estate investment trust (REIT).

A simple online investing platform called is quietly changing the game. Now, you can add real estate to your portfolio without having to be a savvy real estate investor – or having to worry about missed payments or tenants destroying a property. is the first platform of its kind, and the start-up costs are extremely affordable, with only a $500 minimum for FundRise’s starter portfolio and a free upgrade to an advanced plan. It’s an ideal pairing of diversification and performance, with a unique potential for generating consistent cash flow and long-term appreciation:

The average annualized return in 2017 was 11.44%, and the annualized historical returns have been between 8.8% and 12.4% – and FundRise has been in the business of providing consistent yield to investors since July of 2010. Today, there are more than 500,000 members of FundRise, and they’re invested in nearly $2 billion worth of real estate across the country.

Co-founder and CEO Ben Miller knows a thing or two about real estate, as he has brought his know-how to the field for 18 years and has acquired, developed, and financed more than $500 million of property in his time as Managing Partner of WestMill Capital Partners and President of Western Development Corporation.

Other founding members include Chief Technical Officer Kenny Shin, who has consulted for Fortune 500 clients in financial services and technology, including Fannie Mae, Oracle, Lockheed Martin, and Computer Science Corporation; as well as Chief Operating Officer Brandon Jenkins, who has worked as an investment broker and advisor at Marcus & Millichap, the largest real estate investment brokerage firm in the country.

For Ben Miller and his team at FundRise, the mission is nothing less than to revolutionize real estate investing, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Mr. Miller’s idea from the beginning was simple: to use technology to redefine how people invested in real estate – lowering the costs, improving the quality, and broadening access.

As real estate investors themselves, the founding partners of FundRise spent years investing through the traditional approach, only to see much of the profits from those investments eaten up by inefficiency, unnecessary overhead, and middlemen who added little value. What they discovered is a far superior approach – by pursuing a private-market, direct-investment strategy, FundRise portfolios currently earn higher annual income than public income-focused investments:

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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    The data shows that old-school bond funds and REIT ETFs can’t compete with FundRise’s track record of superior returns. It’s stunning to consider that FundRise’s real estate investments now total $1.4 billion, simply by making it easier and more affordable for investors to profit from the flourishing real estate market.

    What FundRise is doing, in essence, is redefining the so-called “traditional” portfolio by empowering investors to operate outside of the “stocks and bonds” allocation model. Now, for the first time, individuals invest like a billion-dollar institution by diversifying into private-market real-estate investments:

    The old model of portfolio investing needed changing anyway, and I’m glad to see that FundRise hasn’t just disrupted traditional portfolio theory – they’ve absolutely turned it on its head by making real estate investing accessible to just about anyone.

    It’s an approach that’s streamlining and improving the real estate investing process considerably: FundRise follows a value-investing strategy of buying investments for less than their replacement cost, then improves the real estate through hands-on management and partnership with local operators. Middlemen are eliminated, processes are simplified, and profits are enhanced.

    Drawing on over 75 years and $7.5 billion of combined experience to pursue the best results for their investors, FundRise is highly selective in their investments because your capital and their reputation are on the line. With this in mind, the firm reviews thousands of investment opportunities from all across the country to find the very best ones, and every investment that FundRise makes undergoes a rigorous underwriting process.

    That would explain why out of the 2,000+ projects that FundRise reviewed in 2015, fewer than 2% of them were approved. Quality real estate investments are inherently scarce, and the FundRise team only allows a small fraction of investments to meet their rigorous standards.

    With their low-fee approach and intuitive online interface, FundRise has opened doors to a market that has historically been unattainable to many.

    The goal is to safely grow your income, and FundRise has made it possible: they’ve unlocked a new world of real estate investing for everyone.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Ameduri

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