Dear Reader:

I’ve been saying that the data the mainstream media has decided to allow us to hear is manipulated for a while. Stocks are high because of massive corporate buybacks, and that has nothing to do with the everyday person I’ve been trying to warn, but there’s something else…and this one thing could trigger a massive market plunge!!

Be ready! Because the data from the United States indices is still weak by any stretch of the imagination once you dig a little deeper below the surface of available data. Big banks continue to grow ever more cautious of the data points while others, such as Deutsche Bank flail trying to stay relevant and keep their heads above water. As the public loses faith in central banking and central planning, the markets could take a nosedive!

As the people become more and more aware of what’s going on and how they’ve been manipulated by central planners, the data will suddenly look like it does to us “doom and gloomers”: incredibly weak. When that happens, be prepared for a recession, job losses, income reduction, and the slew of other financial problems that come along with those. The other problem I’m seeing, is one no one expects: the collapse of the dollar.

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    The national debt and constant money printing are devaluing the dollar as I type this letter. The U.S. dollar will never be more valuable than it is right now, and hyperinflation could very well be in our future. The government can’t reign in spending or deal with entitlements that are driving the devaluation of dollar because there aren’t enough dollars to do that. And even if they tried, the public would respond by removing their belief in the entire system of government and those who pull the string can’t have that! The whole thing is set up for a massive collapse.

    But you can be prepared! Physical gold is a good insurance policy. And for those who are on a budget, and perhaps trying to pay off their debts as I’ve suggested before, silver could also help protect your personal wealth at a lower price point until you can afford to invest in gold.

    The truth is, those who understand this economy understand the need for a real, not fiat, currency that will help carry them through the coming rough times.
    To sum it up, as people begin to realize that they’ve been lied to a manipulated and they start to see the economic data for what it really is, a market crash will be triggered. It could fall more than 10% at that time, and that’s a conservative estimate.

    Stay prepared and focused by protecting your wealth along the way!

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Ameduri

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