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The real crisis is not one of health, but one of economic. We are all going to have to make some decisions on how to protect our wealth in the coming months, because unlike the Federal Reserve, we cannot create fiat currency out of thin air.

When people’s livelihoods are taken away, they tend to become more dissident. This could lead to huge backfire when those same people, who had their way of life destroyed by the government’s reaction to the coronavirus refuse to participate in the new centralized digital fiat currency being created by the Fed.

Slowly, people are figuring out that centralized money manipulation and power is a bad thing. Sadly, it took the destruction of the United States at the hands of central bankers and power-hungry socialists to show people just how dystopian life can be when you hand over your life to someone else.

With everything we know about the coronavirus, it is safe to say that the crisis is not one of health, but of forced poverty, financial destruction, and fear. Who can blame people for being afraid when they have no job or income and when exorbitant amounts of Americans are staring homelessness in the face?

The plans for the digital dollar will not fix the problems, only make them worse, and the control over who can spend money and how much and on what will come from the top down. Digital currencies that are decentralized already exist, but it is a more difficult to figure out how to use, for example, Bitcoin to pay your electric bill.

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    Not that the power company will accept gold or silver, but they are real physical assets that can, at least, be traded with others that know their value. The barter system could return as people reject the plan to have complete control over their finances, and if it does, you will need something of value to be able to trade.

    People say “you can’t eat gold,” but you can’t eat the fiat currency nor will you have any privacy or freedom left if you choose to use the new digital dollar and become a part of that system.

    The amount of money being created by the Federal Reserve so the United States government can spend it further expanding their control over the population will result in inflation and the crash of the dollar. It may take some time still, but when it finally does, the central bank will expect you to accept their new digital dollar and to go cashless so all transactions can be tracked and traced.

    This is the scenario that you should be prepared for. I do not think that being afraid of what is coming will do any good, but knowing the plan will help you fortify your wealth, prepare to possible have to barter, and get you ready mentally for the challenges ahead.
    2020 does not appear that it is going to lighten up on us any time soon!

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