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Dear Reader,

The world has gone mad. The people are obeying immoral commands to tank their businesses and layoff people. The fear of getting sick is not diminishing. The fear of an economic depression is setting in as well. This fear is crippling the minds of people and eliminating critical thinking.

People are making poor choice about everything thanks to the constant fear mongering of the politicians and mainstream media. The system is rigged, it has been rigged, and people are finally figuring it out, but will they connect the dots in time?

If we do not open our eyes to what’s being done to us, a new world currency will be forced upon us.  We, right now, have the ability to end all of this madness by not buying into the fear, and rejecting this system that has destroyed so many lives. Push the fear aside and start thinking rationally if you expect to get out of this with any wealth and liberty.

To do that, you will need to preserve your wealth with either gold or cryptocurrency. Both of these can help ensure you’ve got some kind of currency if you need it, especially because the U.S. dollar’s future is one of hyperinflation and devaluation.

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    I understand that the media is using fear to keep people in a state of panic and that breaking away from that fear is difficult.  However, imagine a life where you are not reliant on anyone else for the preservation of your wealth? The best way to take down the rigged system is to move away from it, and that means, cease the use of the dollar, which is going to be worthless by the end of the year anyway.

    Use gold, or other cryptocurrencies.  I have been liking Monero lately, but this choice is up to you. What won’t be up to you is your enslavement, but only if you cannot stand up and break the chains of dependency on the rigged system that was never intended to help anyone except those at the top.  And I do not mean the millionaires.  I mean those who control everything from the media to the governments. 

    The time to sit around and wait and see what happens has passed.  The governments and central banks of the world have engineered a collapse that they are blaming on a virus in order to usher in a totalitarian one world system of economics and control.

    It is time to consider currencies that are not fiat if we want to have any chance at preserving what wealth we’ve built. As far as cryptocurrencies go, there are plenty to choose from, you will need to simply look into each one to find what you think could be right for you.

    It’s difficult to say what the future will hold. I’m holding out hope that people will realize what has been done to them, and that it is far from over.  There are people out there pulling out the very last few aces up their sleeves to see what they can get away with. It’s up to us to say “enough” and exit this mad world.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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