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Circuit Breakers Triggered – This is War

Monday was NUTS. I have never been as focused on one topic as I am with the current market action and political atmosphere. The amount of sheer panic, liquidation selling, and sustained high alertness is UNPRECEDENTED. Coronavirus has literally taken over the planet. People are ignoring all else and want to know two things: (1) how dangerous it really is (like the seasonal flu or much worse) and (2) how to protect against it on an individual basis and from the standpoint of the authorities.

It comes down to health and wealth. Right now, the markets are UNEQUIVOCALLY stunned by the relative calmness exhibited by the Trump administration. There’s a sense that Trump’s approach of not panicking is actually what causes investors to go NUCLEAR on their portfolios.

In 2008, when Bernanke, Geithner, and Paulson drew the picture to President Bush of what could happen if the government doesn’t directly intervene, Bush folded. He didn’t want to be a Republican president that bails out Wall Street and acts in a way that interferes with natural market forces, but he was too frightened to hold his own and he caved.

The second he did, things started turning around. Investors stopped panicking when they saw that Washington was treating the matter as an emergency and that it was taking DRASTIC ACTIONS. Markets desperately want Donald Trump to join the chorus and announce OUTLANDISH comforting policies.

For the meantime, this doesn’t look like it’s going to occur:

This is part of the reason why the markets are just DUMPING stocks, without qualification. They’re not getting the vibe that Washington is transmitting. They WANT the most outrageous promises made to corporations and businesses. They want an umbrella insurance policy on it all and I believe that Trump now understands that he is caught in the middle of this.

Capitalists capitalize and socialists search for equality while handing out trophies to the weak and the strong alike. The question will be how to make America function in a capitalistic fashion, using the government, as the central point.

Because it’s an election year, Trump absolutely MUST emerge as the COVID-19 hero because his most important talking points, the economy and the stock market, are IN SHAMBLES.

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    Even worse for him, the rallies and debates he’s mastered are large gatherings and might be canceled.

    Yesterday, I was going through over 128 various financial and economic data points while dissecting 23 companies to build a shopping list, including limit prices, and I’m telling you that my Rebound Portfolio, which I will release in full this Thursday, includes American Express, Medtronic, Intel, and Citigroup. I’m currently calculating the entry prices that I’ll be adhering to.


    Markets opened yesterday at the CIRCUIT BREAKER limit, down 7%, and the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) was halted. This is truly the most WAR-LIKE and FEISTY action I’ve encountered in my career, spanning 20 years.

    Our approach, which STRESSES the importance of holding lots of CASH, GOLD, and REAL ESTATE separate from stocks, has been a LIFE-SAVER.

    I expect that we will hear news from the government very soon!

    The drama hasn’t finished, and I want you to understand that there are many reasons for this sell-off. The most important is that passive investors who started buying in earnest in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the RETAIL CROWD, only want the good side of the marriage.

    When the markets are roaring, they tell their friends that they are long-term investors who buy the index fund and hold it. When the bad times come, they are the first ones out of the door.


    Doing that kind of cut will send the FED Funds Rate to 0.75%, eerily close to official ZIRP policy.

    The FED might also consider the UNTHINKABLE and mimic the Japanese by expanding their purchases from bonds to stocks.

    Let me repeat that: some voices on Wall Street have begun to mention the legal procedures that would be needed in order to allow the central bank to own American businesses.

    To me, that would mark the end of capitalism as we know it.

    At this point, you must realize the SEVERITY of the situation. The stock market has not behaved this way since the era between 1929 and 1933.

    This was the period that brought about this country’s most controversial legislation and an ATTEMPTED COUP!

    It also prompted the government to confiscate gold and devalue the dollar by 40%!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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