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I don’t have a SUGARCOATED message for you today. In fact, it was about a decade ago that a COLD, RATIONAL, and UNAPOLOGETIC mantra was delivered to me by one of my mentors at the time and I think it is SERIOUSLY appropriate for today as well.

The message was and is that NO ONE in government or in your workplace really cares about you. Some might show more SYMPATHY towards you and be MORE FLEXIBLE, but when push comes to shove, WE’RE ALONE to figure it out in this world.

In every country, there are millions of people WHO ARE ON THE BRINK, and they’re alone with their thoughts, unable to find solace to their FRUSTRATIONS.

They feel like the GAME IS RIGGED, like the hand of fate is always moving wealth away from their reach and the cards they were dealt are so bad that they can’t even participate in the game, and MANY OF THEM have a point.

Tens of millions of people in America and around the globe don’t have the ENTRY PASS for the type of education that births greatness. These people must SEARCH for the way out and my hope is that they’ll stumble upon the same books and information that LIBERATED me.

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The FED balance sheet increased by $82.8 billion in the past SEVEN DAYS alone, reaching a record of $6,655,929,000,000, which benefits SHAREHOLDERS of Corporate America but increases the money supply of the world and the debt burden of the country.

While it’s certainly advantageous to have a body like the Federal Reserve if you’re rich, it ACTUALLY SUCKS if you’re not.

Poor people and middle-class demographics IMMEDIATELY pay for THEIR MISTAKES – for them, there are no second chances. They get fired if they misbehave at work. They never see justice in court and are unable to apply for many of America’s important institutions either because of discrimination or lack of funds.

Mobility in America (the chances of moving from poor to rich) has become NONEXISTENT.

If you’re poor, NOBODY cares about ways to help you. All the system really wants is to make sure they ASSIST YOU enough to stay in line so that the root of the problem won’t surface and break the myths about America’s capitalistic system.

The Federal Reserve balance sheet shows you that America is owned by the elite. Currency is created and gets transferred to the elites – this is the PINNACLE of CORRUPTION.

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When I didn’t have TWO NICKELS TO RUB together, my motivation was accumulating gold. I became so obsessed with buying my first few ounces that I ONLY SPOKE MONEY.

I didn’t just work harder than anyone else, I worked relentlessly. I worked on myself more than on anything else. I became a person that can speak the language of money. I developed mental toughness and a WINNING attitude.

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    Gold FOLLOWS money supply – it goes ASTRONOMICAL when the money supply causes loss of faith in national currencies and MONEY VELOCITY increases.

    That’s not the case today, so I DON’T EXPECT gold to go to $50,000/ounce as some “gurus” predict, but I do foresee it reaching OPTIMAL VALUE, which I feel is around $2,600.


    As you can see, ever since 9/11, the banking system has been FIGHTING THE TREND of Baby Boomers’ saving habits. In America, the wealthy aren’t spending, so money velocity is CRATERING.

    Americans with money to spare are older. 65% of the wealth is concentrated with Baby Boomers. They don’t need to spend all they have so they’re PARKING it, and that’s causing higher asset prices, low real wages, and MUTED INFLATION.

    Between 1990 and 2020, billionaire household wealth increased 11.3-fold in inflation-adjusted terms. This is ROUGHLY 210 times QUICKER than the growth of median wealth in America!

    During the 2010s, the billionaires have seen a 1.85-FOLD increase. The average person didn’t BUDGE an inch in comparison. Look at the QUANTITY of debt issuance that America’s corporations are able to process, while the average person can’t apply for a low-interest-rate loan at all.


    We are UP TO OUR EYEBALLS in corruption.

    My mentor said it best over a decade ago and it rings true today: WE ARE ON OUR OWN.

    Because I couldn’t stand this anymore, I became passionate about financial education, ENTERED the newsletter world and will continue to type these words for as long as my fingers can function.

    The world DESPERATELY NEEDS education and motivation.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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