Special Announcement: This Could be Huge for Us!

Dear Reader,
I was already bullish on this one mining company that Future Money Trendsmade a call on recently and I’m quite profitable on my position, but with this fresh news coming out, I’m preparing to accumulate more shares. When an exploration company like this one makes a huge announcement, I get the news out to you as quickly as possible so that you’ll have the information you need to take action.

Sometime next week, drilling will start and there will be a joint announcement with Evrim Resources.

This is important because Evrim boasts partners like Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), Coeur Mining (NYSE: CDE), and has serious shareholders like Sprott Asset Management.

Top shareholders of Evrim Resources:

Here’s my thought: Evrim is about to make a major announcement regarding their new exploration program with Harvest Gold Corp. next week…

Now, Harvest isn’t on anyone’s radar, but Evrim has all the top analysts and big resource investors and companies following it.

In my opinion, Harvest Gold is about to get a big introduction to the entire space, and we have 3 days left to purchase shares while it is completely under the radar.

Harvest Gold Corp.  (TSX.V: HVG & US: HGVDF) is a top-tier mining team focused not only on the discovery of massively mineral-rich gold and silver ore bodies, but they’re also a power player in the mineral exploration space, and their latest press release corroborates this.

Harvest Gold President and CEO Rick Mark just announced the firm’s receipt of a field report from its joint venture partner and project operator, Evrim Resources Corp. (TSXV: EVM), regarding final preparations for a massive new drilling program. It’s a Phase 1 diamond drilling exploration project situated in the high-grade Cerro Cascaron gold-silver project in Mexico – and it’s starting next week!

Fortunately, recent rains have provided an ample supply of water for drilling, which will save time and money. The drill contract is now being finalized, and mobilization from Hermosillo to the project is expected to start September 29. Harvest Gold’s first-phase plan for diamond drilling consists of 3,000 to 3,500 meters in five of eight target areas on the property – it’s an ambitious project that will make big headlines in the mining space next week when Evrim and Harvest do a joint press release announcing commencement.

In his latest statement to accompany this announcement, Rick Mark has expressed that Harvest Gold is more than ready to move forward with this exciting project: “I am very pleased to let our shareholders know that drilling will begin next week. It has been a long wait, but everything is finally in order and we are ready to go with new money in the treasury that allows us to move aggressively on the property as results dictate.”

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    Harvest Gold’s President and CEO has also prepared the public for more details as the drilling project gets underway: “You can expect a joint Evrim/Harvest news release upon commencement of drilling that will provide both the company’s shareholders and the commodities market in general an in-depth look at the property, our initial targets and our drilling strategy.”

    Harvest Gold can earn up to 80% of the Cerro Cascaron project through its joint venture with Evrim Resources. This partnership will prove to be highly beneficial for both companies, as Mr. Mark explains: “Evrim’s audience, including their other joint venture partners, is substantial and we look forward to including them in the detailing of the Cerro Cascaron opportunity.”

    Rick Mark and the Harvest Gold Corp. team have every reason to be super confident about this latest exploration project, which is yet another reason why I’m adding to my position in HVG/HGVDF. The joint venture with Evrim Resources Corp.just makes perfect sense, and the project at Cerro Cascaron is exactly what Harvest Gold needs right now to take the firm and the stock to the next level.

    Future Money Trends will keep you current with any and all press releases and news reports that affect your portfolio. Until next time, stay profitable and watch Harvest Gold Corp. for their next big move!

    I expect great things from the people I invest in and partner with, and we look forward to seeing Harvest Gold’s drill results!

    We already know what Rick is capable of…

    Rick’s last exploration play, VMS Ventures, went from 6 cents to $1.70!

    Rick’s next company… North American Nickel.

    Harvest Gold is exploring a Mexican gold project, and the company’s current market cap is around $5 million.

    In my opinion, if there’s even a whiff of gold in those drill results, the upside here is enormous for us.

    Rick and his team are well-known in the sector, which only raises the probability that if there is mineralization where they are drilling (where gold was historically mined), the market could go vertical over Harvest Gold.

    Recommendation: Consider taking a position in Harvest Gold (TSXV: HVG & US: HVGDF) immediately!

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Ameduri

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