How Bullish Can They Be?

Yesterday, I went to the sauna. As you may know, saunas emit dry heat ranging between 180°F and 195°F (80-95 Celsius) with very low humidity. Essentially, I go in there and feel like a baked good. Around me, two others were pouring water over their heads and on the wood in order to add some humidity.

Some people hate it and others are not even allowed to enter it for various health issues, but for those of us who can stand the heat, we love the benefits of it.

As you know, any activity that elevates the body’s temperature also increases heartbeat. This speeds up circulation, and that’s the equivalent of exercise.

The body is acting like it’s in the middle of a cardio workout. You’re also doing other things when training, so it’s no replacement and I do mine after the workout.

Regularly going to a sauna helps reduce blood pressure, and the Scandinavians absolutely love it, to the point that it’s part of their culture.

I do it 3-4 times a week since it only takes 20 minutes and it significantly reduces the chances of many health issues. I leave the sauna calm since it relieves stress.

With all that, some folks get in there and leave after a minute or two, getting none of the benefits, while others stay for too long and suffer from dehydration.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna, you must resist the temptation to leave every time it feels uncomfortable. If you don’t want to suffer damage to the body, on the other hand, don’t toy with it and prolong your duration of stay above and beyond what’s recommended.

Respect the limits.

The stock market is very much the same as a sauna: when you crank the heat up in a raging bull market, you’re going to go through some crazy days, but exiting too soon means you are willingly giving up big rewards.

You can take more heat than you think!

After the indices have now fully doubled from the lows, I am telling you that we have gotten many of the benefits already. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be back after a quick water break, but I am thinking about the risks and rewards differently than I did one year ago when the rewards looked massive. Right now, the dips aren’t that exciting to me, since I already had my time in the sauna. I’d rather regroup and come back fresh.


For the 7th time in the past couple of weeks, the small-cap sector (Russell 2000 index) is in free-fall!

What’s interesting to me is that sometimes I can endure it for only six or seven minutes, while other times I can sit a full quarter of an hour.

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    Much like myself and my changing endurance, the large indices look to be fine while the smaller-cap sector is doing poorly. It seems stocks behave separately from each other.

    Courtesy:, Bloomberg

    As you can see, August 2021 has been one of the calmest market months in the past 40 years until yesterday, but if you own high-growth companies, you’re probably thinking that’s bullshit since it’s been really volatile.

    The point is that heat is part of the game and your other alternative is not to enter the sauna at all.

    Is this amateur hour? We think not, but the FED can crank the heat to unhealthy levels in September if they decide to introduce uncertainty regarding tapering and hiking rates. My guess is they’ll do nothing and hold the tough news until December.

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