***2 weeks ago I sent you this alert, and last week when it was only up 39%, I sent you this.***

Please don’t miss this opportunity, we are now up 83%!

It’s trading for less than the $100million plus financing valuation and is completely undervalued in my opinion. 

Canacord just gave it a CAD$6 price target, and it’s only trading for just under CAD$4 today. 

When I alerted you to this as our newest stock suggestion it was CAD$2.12, just two weeks ago!

This is an extremely serious cannabis play, please review our original alert to you. 

It’s still very early, and VERY cheap!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

P.S. It’s now up 83% from our December 12th alert! Consider accumulating additional shares of TILT Holdings (CSE: TILT & US: SVVTF)

New Stock Suggestion (Dec 12, 2018)

Dear Reader,

After 80 years of prohibition, cannabis companies are having the best year ever in 2018. A whirlwind of good news has lifted the industry and brought untold riches to investors who made their move before marijuana stocks went vertical, with many of them doubling, tripling, or more.

First we had giant beverage corporations expressing strong interest and pouring capital into the cannabis market: from Coca-Cola to Molson Coors to Heineken and Constellation Brands (the maker of Corona beer), stagnant beverage sales have prompted huge companies to get into the red-hot legalized cannabis market.

Next, the industry celebrated a historical event that was a long time in the making: the passage of Bill C-45 (also known as the Cannabis Act), which legalized marijuana sales and use throughout the nation of Canada. Meanwhile, in the United States voters passed pro-cannabis laws in Michigan, Utah, and Missouri.

With 10 states and Washington, D.C. having legalized recreational marijuana, as well as 33 states legalizing medical marijuana, it seemed like things just couldn’t get any better for the cannabis investing community. And then Trump dropped a bombshell:

Cannabis opponents reeled as anti-marijuana Attorney General Jeff Sessions left his post, paving the way for the possibility of legalization on a federal level in the U.S. Marijuana stocks across the sector jumped at the news, delighting investors and capping off a tremendous and prosperous year for the legal cannabis market.

So now it’s not a question of whether to invest in legalized cannabis, but how to do it with the maximum potential for profit. At this juncture, I wouldn’t advise buying any stocks that are already expensive; instead, your best bet is to focus on an under-the-radar company that’s trading at a low share price compared to the company’s true value.

I also recommend focusing on a company that’s involved in multiple areas of the legalized cannabis industry – not only growing the plant (though that is certainly an important part of the cannabis ecosystem), but also other lucrative areas like software, hardware, analytics, construction, capital support, and intellectual property management.

And so, I presented this challenge to the Future Money Trends data analytics team: find me a company that is fully diversified within the legalized cannabis industry, yet is also undiscovered by most investors and is therefore trading at a low-risk, high-reward valuation.

Our team really hit the ball out of the park with this one: what they uncovered is a company called TILT Holdings Inc. (CSE: TILT), a vertically integrated infrastructure and technology cannabis company with a robust platform to deliver comprehensive solutions to the most profitable sub-sectors of the industry’s supply chain.

A few weeks ago they raised USD$119 million at CAD$5.25 a share, today we can pick up shares for CAD$2.12!

With a strong and growing presence throughout the U.S. and Canada, TILT is providing value to all cannabis retailers through software, infrastructure, access to capital, and more. Alexander

With an investment in TILT, you’re automatically diversified because you’re taking a position in multiple sectors all at once: infrastructure, technology, plus retail and production. Cannabis cultivation is covered as well, but with a difference, as Sante Veritas Holdings is one of the few licensed producers in Canada that has a developed facility and robust portfolio of wholesale contracts.

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On top of all that, TILT is making inroads into the high-need area of cannabis plant genetics. The demand for new strains for both medical and recreational cannabis users is growing fast, and TILT’s three-phase, cutting-edge Cannabis Molecular Breeding Program is unmatched in the industry:

Through the Cannabis Molecular Breeding Program, TILT’s genetics team is applying genome tools and technologies to accelerate plant improvement and enable better predictive breeding, more uniform plant architecture, consistent productivity, and maximized genetic potential.

Yet another competitive advantage is TILT’s extraordinarily wide distribution network.

With access to millions of consumers through a presence in over 1,000 dispensaries across 25 U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica, TILT’s proven track record of engaging consumers and optimizing dispensary operations and revenue is unprecedented in the cannabis industry.

I wouldn’t normally say that one company can successfully capitalize on so many aspects of an industry, but TILT Holdings Inc. actually manages to accomplish this. As we look back fondly upon 2018 and move with confidence into 2019, we’ll be watching shares of TILT exceed all expectations in a cannabis market that truly has no limitations.

Recommendation: Consider accumulating shares of TILT Holdings (CSE: TILT & US: SVVTF).

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

I personally only own the stocks and other investment ideas suggested in this letter.

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