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Throughout this weekend I’ve had a chance to TRULY sit down with the data and process the TANTALIZING and UNMATCHED actions taken by both the world’s central banks and governments to COUNTER the blows of the forced-upon quarantines, curfews, and shutdown of non-essential businesses WORLDWIDE.

It should be CRYSTAL CLEAR to you by now that our fiat monetary system ONLY works if borrowers can service the debts they undertake and if central banks continue papering-over mistakes, until the whole thing CRASHES by the force of its on weight.

Once loan servicing becomes OUT OF REACH, everything and everyone, no matter how frugal, patient, or mindful they’ve been in their own lives with their finances, GETS HURT by the impending train wreck.

All of the world’s assets are priced based on the level of optimism displayed by our collective sentiment. When times are good and someone feels that their business is doing well, one may originate a mortgage, take their family on vacations, dine out, and enjoy recreational activities.

When things look like the chart below, though, “things” are worth less:

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

When an event the size of the global pandemic we have with the COVID-19 disease erupts, ALL BETS ARE OFF. Our system, this fractional reserve lending debt bubble, ONLY functions in times of expansion. It suffers from an almost IMMEDIATE cracking effect the first second something holds back the wheels of the Ponzi-like scheme of fiat monetary banking.

This system clearly ISN’T FAIR. If a government can simply decide to take on $4T of sovereign debt by CASTING A SENATE VOTE  and a central bank can SIMPLY make asset purchases by issuing a SEEMINGLY infinite amount of currency units, we should be SERIOUSLY QUESTIONING the validity of this structure continuing much longer.

From the moment it began, I’ve been in CLOSE COMMUNICATION with an expert trader and investor, a person who has made one-sided DAY TRADING calls on the direction of markets during these times SO ACCURATELY AND PRECISELY that I nicknamed him the Corona Prophet.

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    I’ve never seen anything like this. I KNEW that he was a genius even before the pandemic since he’s been able to turn a seed capital of $2,000 into a multimillion-dollar business venture in less than a decade and to navigate the treacherous waters of venture investing to generate UNREAL sums of income, all while frugally saving and not becoming snobbish or distant.

    He has literally been telling me what markets will do with conviction and rationale the day before it happens, and he has the NERVES to back his forecasts, by investing accordingly as well.

    I’ve never seen anything like it!

    Together, we’re working on something big that I plan to reveal ASAP.


    What we see in the chart above is that after this week’s BAZOOKA of both fiscal and monetary stimulus and after one of the BEST WEEKS for stocks in NINETY YEARS, the next few weeks and months CAN GO either way.

    This is precisely the reason why I’m going to keep networking on the daily with this superstar trader.

    This is a time in which we must all be CONSTRUCTIVE and CREATIVE if we want to make the impossible happen and to traverse this river without drowning.

    We all need to face the realities of this event; every day more and more countries are shutting down ENTIRE sections of their economies, and the road to global depression looks REALISTIC.

    Billionaire hedge fund managers are not making long-term predictions, but they are looking to capitalize on the VOLATILITY. That’s what we’re going to do as well.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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