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In the past month, my main message to you has been that we’re living IN A NEW WORLD. The sooner you internalize that fact and think in terms of innovating your current set of circumstances and IMPLEMENT it, it will be better off for you.

With each passing day, the medical community, politicians, decision-makers, governors, Coronavirus Task Force and business leaders of every country are learning how to adapt to this new REALITY.

On Thursday, I ALERTED that if the Federal Reserve didn’t come back from the weekend DEPLOYING a revolutionary strategy as part of its more outlandish FULL ARSENAL of tools, that markets would GRAVITATE towards the January 2016 price range, erasing four years of APPRECIATION in stocks.

Therefore, Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve came back ready. The board of governors announced OPEN-ENDED QE and OPEN-ENDED international swap lines.

If you had to explain these academic terms to a 5-year-old child, you’d tell them that whenever they need money, it will be there for them. This is essentially QE TO INFINITY, which I predicted would come all the way back in 2012.


There was so much worldwide DEMAND for cash in the form of U.S. dollars that when the FED announced that QE5 will be worth $700B, it took less than a week to EXHAUST itself.

Instead of trying to FOOLISHLY forecast and assume how much cash the market will want, the Federal Reserve decided to take it to the extreme and FORMULATE the sort of plan that has no LIMITS.

I want to EMPHASIZE that what the Federal Reserve is doing is SAVING the current system, but without proper regulation and RESTRICTIONS on where these taxpayers’ funds end up, we are LEGITIMIZING communism and corporate theft.

We must use this crisis to make sure it creates freer business practices, not make us regret the day we were born. Therefore, we’re already seeing proposed RESTRICTIONS of share buybacks for corporations that will use federal aid.

Washington is going to CARPET-BOMB the economy with small business loans, to the tune of 14 days’ worth of salaries for staff and overhead. On top of that, there are plans to make direct deposits to every American to the tune of $3,000 for a FAMILY OF FOUR, add enhanced unemployment benefits for those who’ve lost their income, and a $4T leveraged relief package, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.


As you can see, while the panic has been HISTORIC, there have been more DEVASTATING sentiments for equity investors on other occasions. MY feeling is that this pandemic snuck up on everyone by such surprise that they’re still CONFLICTED as to how much of a SUSTAINED crisis this will end up being.

The response of QE TO INFINITY is, first and foremost, felt with precious metals, which have ROCKETED higher, with gold reaching nearly $1,600.

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    This is only the beginning, though. The sentiment towards commodities is DISGUSTING, but that’s only temporary. Once the hotspots for the virus are supplied with sufficient medical staff, equipment, and hospital space, Trump will issue an order that people are allowed to go back into society.

    I totally agree with the president on that front.

    There’s a price for everything we do. Every year, 2.5M people die from flu-like diseases around the world, yet 99.9% of the population has never heard of this fact.

    What is likely to occur is that the guidelines will continue with restrictions on international travel and with self-mandated quarantines for the elderly, while the majority of society slowly resumes normalcy.

    Your plan should be to WISELY start buying stocks because some of the HIGHEST-QUALITY companies in the world have, for the most part, hit their bottoms (or close to it), while retaining a healthy cash position and PLENTY of precious metals.

    My playbook for this is that cash will REMAIN a solid alternative, metals will explode, stocks will trade sideways and further down (but not in blow-up mode), and we’re going to make a killing on the REFLATION!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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