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Profiting From Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The Most Important Stock We’ve Ever Recommended Starts Trading Today!

A Chance to Partner With the Most Prudent, Methodical Tech Entrepreneur in North America

Dear Reader,

Many of you reading our letter have made fortunes investing in cryptocurrencies.

For long-time readers, we first profiled Bitcoin at $13, giving our subscribers the opportunity to become multi-millionaires by being in front of what is now one of the most important trends of this century.

However, a new opportunity I want to introduce you to now will be the most important investment suggestion we’ve recommended since introducing our readers to Bitcoin in 2012.

In fact, I think this could actually be the most important investment suggestion we’ve EVER recommended – period!

It’s the chance to buy shares in the best management team I’ve ever seen put together, bringing together two megatrends: artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

Consider Buying Shares of Globalive Technology (TSXV: LIVE & US: LVVEF).
They are already involved in integrating the blockchain and AI into industries that are ripe for disruption.

They include healthcare, logistics (supply chains), media, manufacturing, financial services, and other tech platforms.

If you agree that the blockchain and AI are going to revolutionize our world and the way we do business, Globalive is how you can potentially profit from these two powerful megatrends.

Globalive is helping high-growth companies create and deploy AI-focused, blockchain-enabled technology.

Joint Venture #1: One of the first announced joint ventures they are developing is with Eigen Innovations, helping them use blockchain technology to accelerate and train AI software to massively increase manufacturing assembly line efficiency and eventually lead to “lights out” manufacturing.

Through its blockchain technology empowering AI, Globalive is planning to help manufacturers refine their process and predict outcomes. Eigen’s target market is focused on the big automotive manufacturers, like Toyota, Honda, and Tesla.

  • Real-time defect detections
  • Correction and eradication
  • Next generation of manufacturing processes

Joint Venture #2: Globalive is developing a 50/50 partnership with Coinsquare…

Coinsquare is already a major player in the cryptocurrency world. With over 100,000 users, Coinsquare will now expand into Europe, starting in the U.K.

Globalive Technology plans to roll out using Coinsquare’s proven platform under the company and branding “GT Direct,” with an exclusive partnership to help them expand globally.

Joint Venture #3: Flexiti

This alone is reason enough to invest in Globalive, in my opinion.

They are using AI and blockchain tech to adjudicate loans, reduce bad debt, and enable merchants to upsell and build customer loyalty.

This is software that could immediately be licensed out to all the big names, like American Express, Visa, and ultimately even the debit card system.

Joint Venture #4: VIDL News – Replaces traditional news sources and paves the way for trustworthy, decentralized content!

VIDL plans to create a new paradigm in the creation of non-partisan news, relying on fully-automated analytics to track and verify accurate breaking news.

I hope you’re starting to see where this is going… For years, we’ve heard from Bitcoin enthusiasts that the blockchain will change everything, but no one outside of IBM has truly done anything to implement this revolution until now!

Joint Venture #5: Civic Connect – A software company that enables municipalities to create their own smart city applications.

Think traffic management, water, and energy coordination using AI and blockchain!

Joint Venture #6: ACORN – In-home DNA collection and analysis to help you test and capitalize on future cell therapies.

Joint Venture #7: FutureVault – A company that is developing intelligent security to protect your highly-sensitive personal information.

It’s time to only allow access to your sensitive information, like your social security number, medical records, and other private material, with permission on a blockchain with strict, unhackable guidelines for permitting access.

Additional joint ventures have been announced, and Globalive is already monitoring a list of 125 companies to acquire or partner with.

Globalive is assisting companies in expediting the process of adopting and integrating blockchain technology.

The blockchain needs to be as easy as user-friendly WordPress, and it will be because of Globalive and IBM.

This is also an opportunity to partner with one of the greatest entrepreneurs in North America: Anthony Lacavera.

His last big play, WIND Mobile, took on the big telecommunications giants and ended up becoming the 4th-largest wireless carrier in Canada, then sold to Shaw Communications for $1.3 billion!

He’s been named “CEO of the Year” by The Globe and Mail and is considered to be one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Canada.

And he is heavily invested… He owns almost half of Globalive and controls over 70% of the vote!

You’ve probably never invested in a company where management’s interests are this aligned with shareholders. I say that because I’ve been an early investor into many successful companies, and I’ve personally never seen anything like this – not even close!

This is the real deal, and we have an opportunity right now to be an early shareholder in the company Globalive (TSXV: LIVE & US: LVVEF).

When we profiled our first publicly-traded cryptocurrency stock last year, it started at 70 cents, and within months, it hit a high of $6.75 (up 864% in 60 days).

I have very high expectations for Anthony and his team at Globalive, and to be perfectly honest, if they didn’t outperform every other successful investment recommendation I’ve given over the last decade, I would be enormously disappointed.

This isn’t the type of investment you’ll ever see again. We are investing in the early days of two trends that are transforming our world. The proof of concepts for blockchain tech and AI are behind us, and it’s now time for Globalive to implement all of these revolutionary predictions.

Consider taking a long-term position in my #1 stock recommendation of all time: Globalive (TSXV: LIVE & US: LVVEF).
Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: This is the most important stock profile of my career. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

As much as I want everyone to partner with us on our winners, I have no idea what your personal financial situation is.

Consult a financial advisor, and if you have time, I highly recommend you Google the founder of Globalive’s name, “Anthony Lacavera.”

This is the most serious group of executives I’ve ever seen come together, and I’m thrilled that they are focused on implementing the blockchain. This is not only a potentially highly-profitable event for us, this is how you change the world!

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