The NEXT Leg Down is Imminent!

This is a depression, not a recession, and it will have lasting impacts for the rest of your life.

An Urgent Message From James Davis


I’ve known one of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors for the past 12 years. I watched him take in huge profits during the 2008 crisis and give insanely accurate commentary when he was more of a public figure.

He’s a very private individual at this time in his life but I’ve managed to keep in constant contact with him.

In late January, he told me to sell everything and go 50% cash, 50% gold… unfortunately, I didn’t listen to him.

Now he’s sharing with me everything he’s shorting and planning to buy in 2020.

And most importantly, he’s telling me why some businesses are going away and never coming back!

Others will thrive like never before.

I conducted 16 hours of phone calls over the past month to deliver this special report to serious investors only.

We’ve put a minimal price on it to prevent it from being distributed to many people. If all of us acted on these ideas it could literally change the price and opportunity, which is why if you’re serious, it’s yours.

If you’ve been a longtime subscriber, you know that we don’t typically sell information, and we don’t plan to again – this offer is for our readers only.

Don’t be fooled by today’s markets; this is the calm before the storm.

After initial crashes, markets always bounce back. It happened after 2001, 2008, and will after 2020, but this next drop will be one for the record books, and this bear market will last years.

The real economy has very serious changes coming.

This report is for the first 1,000 readers.

We expect to close this offer by the end of the day.

Best Regards,

James Davis

Great Depression 2020: COVID-19 Was the Pin that Burst the Bubble!

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