Imminent Silver Opportunity

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From The Desk of Daniel Ameduri
Publisher, Future Money Trends,
Smart Money


And You Could Become

Five Times Richer

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This overlooked commodity could allow you to quickly increase returns by 5 times… then by as much 9 to 18 times more after that… and you won’t have to fork out a bundle in order to make a potential fortune!


There’s a ton of great investment news today… all about places where you could rapidly make piles of money.

But, you’ll have to make your move soon… though it won’t cost you a bundle to grab a fat piece of this action.

The World’s Next Superpower Is Making a Run on Silver

Events are unfolding right now that could ignite a straightforward profit opportunity that generates stunning, soaring gains.

You see, one of America’s neighbors could be poised to back its currency with a hard asset… in this case silver.

This could be a major turn of events with global implications.

The action looks set to unfold in Mexico, where many of its most influential and wealthy citizens are demanding the country abandon its fiat currency, the peso, and return to the Silver Standard.

The implications get bigger when you consider that Mexico has the world’s 14th largest economy (10th largest by purchasing power parity).

You see, a return to the Silver Standard could rapidly transform Mexico into the world’s next superpower, as I’ll show you.

This is also why you must immediately get your hands on my latest investors’ Special Report – 2014 Silver Trend Report.

In it, you’ll see exactly where to put your money now in order to bank what are forecast to be soaring profits upon Mexico’s return to the Silver Standard.

 Massive Buying Mandatory

As you can no doubt imagine, making the peso a silver-backed currency means Mexico would create massive demand on the world’s silver market.

It means that Mexico would likely have to acquire as much as $1 trillion in silver in order to guarantee its currency.

When that happens, the appetite for silver will be crazy. A bonanza of riches could flow to investors who made their moves early and were well prepared.

When Mexico acts, the silver market could explode… I forecast that prices would soar from today’s $20 an ounce, to what could be as high as $60 to $70, at a breakneck speed.

Sliver could flash to $109 if real supply and demand rule the market.

This is why you need a significant position in silver now… what I refer to as a hedge against the sudden outbreak of sane monetary policy.

Moreover, besides the Mexico potential, there are other significant structural reasons why silver is today’s top investment play… including demand stressors such as:[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • Fixing a boneheaded policy to sell silver means the US is now forced to load up on silver.
  • New, cutting-edge, high-tech uses for silver.
  • Gold investors, burned by a huge price plunge, now look set to flock to silver.
  • Global production shortages.


But, the real play today is the potential for a new and sudden Mexican monetary revolution… one that could send silver soaring in no time!

The Price Push That Could Change Your Way of Life

The leader of the Silver Standard movement in Mexico is a multi-billionaire named Hugo Salinas Price.

At this very moment, according to Salinas Price, most all of Mexico’s Congressman favor monetizing silver.

Of course, just as with the U.S., the trick will be how to get around the few politicians and party leaders who’ve been bought off or intimidated by the central bank.

But all politics aside… this is your moment.

Because as soon as Mexico’s silver hoarding makes news, as soon as the world understands this is serious, the price of silver blasts off.

This is why you need to read the newest Special Report, 2014 Silver Trend Report from my team of experts at Future Money Trends’ Smart Money.

It’s a detailed plan with a silver investment idea for every taste.

There are plays on major stock exchanges: Those include top silver producers and miner/explorers. Entry prices for these established, major, silver plays run from around $1 to $8.

With silver prices set to soar, as much as 550% this year, these noted silver companies are affordable enough so even the most conservative investors can load up if they choose.

2014 The Silver Trend Report
also includes three tremendous speculations… penny stocks that are forecast to reach dizzying heights.

These three companies are junior silver explorers… one of them could be set to jump nearly 1,500% this year… that’s the kind of potential that turns spare change into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With silver demand looking set to get crazy and prices forecast to fly… you’ll want to get you hands on the
2014 Silver Trend Reportas soon as possible.

We’ve Reached The Tipping Point…
Only a Few Men Stand In The Way Of A Huge Run On Silver

Silver’s moment is almost here. Because as Hugo Salinas Price knows, his backers only need to convince a few more people to go along. The rest are already on board.

Take just three or four men out of the “anti” group, according to Salinas Price, and “We would practically get a unanimous yes vote, practically unanimous in both houses.”

The shock waves would spiral outward from Mexico like a cannonball hitting a swimming pool. And the US would be first to feel it.

That’s why you need to take seriously headlines that scream,
“Mexico May Monetize Silver This Year.”  

It’s Bound to Happen

High-ups in our government have long feared a hard-money movement would carry the day somewhere. Knocking the dollar down appeals to regimes that envy the US all over the world.

Remember, the U.S. had Mormar Gaddafi neutralized after he announced plans for all-African currency for conducting trade. 

And the fact is, the
real reason the U.S. invented WMD’s as the justification to kill Saddam Hussein was all about keeping our money safe.

Hussein vowed to sell oil in anything except U.S. dollars… a move that would have decimated the U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency.

In fact, not to get too far off line, global banking and high-tech computers mean the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is fast becoming as archaic an idea as black and white television.

Soon, your only refuge could be in the metal that is about to make Mexico all-powerful – silver!

Mexico On Top Means You Need Silver

Now, I know many people are used to looking at Mexico as that violent, crooked, messed-up country over the border. The one that sends all those illegals over here because even picking cantaloupes for giant US agri-businesses pays better than the jobs at home.

It’s now time to rethink all that. Because a silver standard for Mexico would unleash the biggest global power shift since Spain raided the Aztecs in Mexico 600 years ago.

It’s unavoidable. History repeats itself. Especially when it’s exactly the same economic situation.

A Historic Opportunity for One Country to Rule the Metals Universe

It’s a simple story—a poor country corners the world’s precious metal supply … and bang! Suddenly it’s the richest country on the planet.

It becomes the country with all the economic power.

Just the way Spain did it before, that’s what Mexico is up to now.

Back when the Italian city-states, German kingdoms, Portugal, France, and the Low Countries controlled world trade, had the biggest armies, dominated the one Catholic church… Spain was Europe’s poor cousin before the 1500s.

Then came the flood of New World silver. The amount of silver that Spain took from New World mines in just100 years, was more than existed in all of Europe before the 16
th century.

It’s all about silver… It always was.

When Silver Is Money… Watch Its Value Explode

Fact—only 11 times as much silver as gold has been mined. Ever.

If we mined every bit available, there’d still only be 19 times as much silver as gold.

Yet the price of silver to gold sticks around 65-to-1 in recent years, because the world began de-monetizing silver in the 1900s. For a short while, gold was king.

Before that, the silver to gold ratio was 15:1. Today, based on actual supplies, it should be 11:1.

The key word there is

It’s simple math. Were Mexico to re-monetize silver, the cool metal’s price should rise 550% at least to find its value against gold.

And it’s likely to do even better as people realize the extent of hoarding that Mexico and China have been up to.

That means the FREE SILVER COIN I will send new subscribers to
Future Money Trends’ Smart Moneycould be worth $60 or more in no time.

And, that $5,000 put on silver today could rapidly soar to $27,500… $20,000 could become $110,000 in no time!

Gracias Mexico!

Gold’s Reliable Cousin

Before I show you
how to claim your free 1 oz. silver coin and the 2014 Silver Trend Report,let me to tell you the key to true wealth and true money. It’s silver, silver, silver!

It always has been. The Persians based their money on silver in 600 B.C. It’s how the ancient Greeks paid their soldiers in 300 B.C. It’s how the Roman Empire paid its bills. (Gold coins were souvenirs.)

The British pound sterling? That’s sterling as in silver. The pound sterling has been with us since the year 700. British pennies were silver coins up to 1800.

The word for bank in Chinese is the same as silver.

Silver is the historic money.

So, you can see how attractive it would be for Mexico to control a currency that was guaranteed by a hard asset…real silver… and not promises.

When that happens, Mexico won’t be the poor neighbor to the south, anymore. They’ll be our equals.

But you must be prepared to cash in.

When your gain immediate access to my newest Special Report,
2014 Silver Trend Report, I show you how to ride this inevitable wave to what could be breathtaking gains.

The Silver Rush Has Quietly Begun… Don’t Wait Until It Turns into a Silver Panic

Once it’s on the Silver Standard, nearly every Mexican citizen would suddenly be able to amass real savings in the form of silver coins. All without the hassle of a bank account and the burden of bank fees.

Mexico will also have many friends when it monetizes silver… not the least of which will be the Chinese.

While Mexico is the world’s 14
th largest economy… China is number one… having passed the U.S. this year.

Face the truth. China doesn’t peg its money to the dollar to pay compliments. It’s purely practical.

China would love to end the dollar’s run as the world’s reserve currency. It would dump the dollar immediately, if it could do it without harm to its own currency.

Looks like Mexico could make that work.

In Europe, the Germans look set to abandon the Euro… that moment would be a good time to insert silver into circulation.

Ultimately, after Mexico returns to the silver peso, earthshaking events will also happen in the U.S.

It’s What People Want

Like the Chinese and Mexican middle classes, it will be U.S. citizens that compel the United States towards a silver dollar again.

That’s because The People will clamor to get their hands on real money from south of the border… a movement driven by large Spanish-speaking populations in areas such as Texas, Southern California, and Florida.

This will be the irony of all ironies. Early American colonists traded pesos because there was a shortage of British coins. That’s why we use a dollar sign – $ – that is directly from the original Spanish peso.

Please understand this – monetizing silver is about taking control of the nation’s money away from bankers and giving people something they can trust.

The truth is this:[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • Bankers hate all forms of saving—they want you in their debt, borrowing, not saving.

  • Bankers define savings as a drag on growth.

  • A monetary system based on bankers’ credibility has been proven disastrous.


Remember, the great economic crisis of 2008? It was NOT about failed mortgages.

It was about BANKERS TRADING mortgage securities… making billions…

They can’t do that with silver.

The People Are Already Speaking

While they wait for Mexico to make it official… regular Americans have already started to take notice… they’re voting “yes” to silver with their pocketbooks.

The U.S. Mint had to close down annual sales of Silver Eagles three weeks early last year. They ran out.

And they still set a new record… over 42 million Silver Eagle coins, the most ever.

Just look where people are putting their money when they are desperate for safety…

Since 2008, people have more than tripled the money they invest in silver ETF’s. Buying a silver exchange traded fund is the next most direct way to own silver outside of buying the metal itself.

Supply Can’t Keep Up With Growing Silver Consumption

Demand for silver is soaring.

The sharp upward spike is driven by industrial, high-tech and medical applications and especially speculative investments.

In fact, though seldom talked about, silver plays a vitally important role in our everyday lives.

World consumption has never been higher and for good reason. Here is just a brief list of some important uses of silver:

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • Jewelry

  • Electronic devices

  • Silver Oxide Batteries

  • Piping

  • Water filtration and Medical Uses

  • Solar Panels


These vital uses, along with heavy demand for silver jewelry is why silver demand currently exceeds mine production.

The Silver Shortage Could Be Out Of Hand… That Means Prices Could Be Set To Skyrocket

A silver shortage is crazy to imagine when you consider that silver output has
more than doubled since the early 1990s in places like Mexico, Australia, and Peru.

Then there’s China, a relatively new major supplier of the metal. Its silver mining has jumped from less than 10 million ounces in 1991 to more than 100 million ounces today.

Overall, the world’s total silver mining production has increased from 400 million ounces in the early 1990s to about 700 million ounces today.

But despite a sharp increase to supplies, the global demand for silver is far outpacing global production.

In fact global silver production has been unable to meet global demand for
more than fifteen years.

In 2010, global silver demand exceed 1.05 billion ounces but global mining only provided about 700 million ounces.

The Government Gravy Train Is Set To Run Dry

The shortages have been made up by governments sell their stockpiles… which today are nearly tapped out.

That means shortages are about to become real.

The deficits will grow faster should Mexico need $1 trillion or more to back the peso.

This is why you should grab hold of silver now.

That’s why the forecast is for rising demand to fuel an explosion in silver’s price starting this year and running five more years, through 2019.

It’s a fundamental truth – when demand far outstrips supply the price of silver must soar.

And, Future Money Trends’
Smart Money team of experts knows right where you should move now in order to maximize what we forecast to be life-changing gains in silver.

We’re so adamant about the soaring heights silver could reach that we will send you a 1 oz. silver coin for FREE when you subscribe to Future Money Trends today!

All the Above Fundamental Factors Project Much Higher Silver Prices

As you make your move into silver today… your only question should be – how high will it soar?

I’ll show you the forecast for the ultimate top in my newest Special Report,
2014 Silver Trend Report.

And you’ll discover exact details of companies with stock shares that could soar 10 to 15 times higher as the price of silver takes off.

Remember, today, silver is way below its nominal record price of $50 in 1980. 

It’s even well below the government inflation adjusted level of $135.  And if you use real inflation adjusted numbers, like those found at the oft-cited Shadowstats, the real 1980 inflation adjusted price of silver is about $450! 

My Special Report,
2014 The Silver Trend Report, shows you the best way to buy silver today… while it’s still around $20.

But you must make your move now… because while an inflation-adjusted price of $450 is eye popping… silver’s ultimate price in the next four years, could run as high as $700… that’s about 35X higher than you can buy it today.

It’s more than history that’s on your side when it comes to a forecasted massive run-up in silver’s price.

It’s Only Cheap Now… And Not for Long

The truth is that precious metal experts believe that at maximum levels, only about 2% of global investors own precious metals today.

I think you’ll agree that this small percentage is made up of people and institutions that can afford to buy a lot of gold… wealthy people, pension and hedge funds …

But, as financial writers and other media discover that silver could fly as much as 35X higher, while gold, maybe, could double, you’ll see word get out.

This is why silver is poised to be the world’s hottest investment trend for 2014 and 2015.

Because, it costs Main Street investors a fortune to protect their wealth with gold… and gold’s price is losing ground…
where as silver is super inexpensive right now (until Mexico gets in the game) and it has a near unlimited upside.

In other words, at $20 an ounce, silver is super cheap right now… at $1,000 an ounce, gold is not only expensive but it’s overbought and in plentiful supply.

These Solid Silver Plays Look Ready

For A Potential 35X Jump

This is why you must not hesitate… you must gain immediate access to my Special Report,
2014 The Silver Trend Report.

It’s a detailed plan with a silver investment idea for every taste.

There are six silver plays on major stock exchanges: Those include top silver producers and miner/explorers. Entry prices for these established, major, silver plays run from around $1 to $8.

With silver prices set to soar, as much as 550% this year, these noted silver companies are affordable enough so even the most conservative investors can load up if they choose.

These Specs Could…

Turn Spare Change Into Small Fortunes

2014 The Silver Trend Report
also includes three tremendous speculations… penny stocks that are forecast to reach dizzying heights.

These three companies are junior silver explorers… companies with the potential to turn spare change into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As speculations, these three potential beauties are for people who love long-shot gambles… but with silver demand crazy and prices forecast to fly… these three stocks – at well under $1 – are worth a close look

Gold will be lucky to double over the next four years… while credible forecasts suggest that silver could soar as high as $700.

In my report you’ll discover why silver is set to soar:[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • How high silver could fly even if Mexico waits a year to move to the Silver Standard.

  • The key statistic that suggests silver could explode just days from now.

  • That the major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold, and why you need to make your move now.

  • The one catalyst that will set silver off on a major upward spike.

  • The secret ratio that indicates that a 35X jump in silver’s price – to $700 an ounce – could be a mid-point in a huge run up.


As you have seen, word about silver’s vast potential is starting to spread… so you must make your move now.

Is Silver Set To Soar Like Gold On Steroids?

If you need proof that silver is on the verge of becoming the next new “hottest investment,” consider what’s happened to silver coins.

Indeed, investors have been buying silver coins at such a rapid pace, the U.S. Mint announced Jan. 17 it had sold out of 2013-dated American Silver Eagles – just 10 days after opening sales to authorized dealers.

Opening day sales for the hugely popular bullion coins on Jan. 7 hit a record 3,937,000 coins. The tally of total sales over the 10 days the coins were available exceeded 6 million.

Sales resumed Jan. 28 after the Mint replenished its inventory, but on an allocated basis with limited orders. The Mint used the same method in 2009 and 2010 when demand among people buying silver coins also outstripped supply.

The Mint’s early run on the bullion coins – bought as an investment, as a hedge against inflation and as a store of wealth – underscores a growing frenzy for silver.

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • Mexico’s infatuation with making silver its national currency…rather than the fiat peso.

  • A growing number of US states that want to issue shiny new currencies made of silver and gold.

  • Utah and Arizona state legislatures recently recognized silver and gold as legal tender. Furthermore, other states considering legislation to make gold bullion and silver bullion legal currency are Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia.

  • It’s why farsighted investors are plowing into silver coins at an unprecedented rate… with demand so furious that sales of US minted silver coins are at all-time record highs…despite the recent correction in value.

  • Which is why, based upon the above criteria and rationale, I conservatively forecast silver to top $109 an ounce this year and $700 by the year 2019!


A 5X jump in silver this year certainly bodes well for those who own coins…

A FREE 1 OZ. Silver Coin and The Year’s Best Silver Investment Report Are Yours Now If You Sign Up For Future Money Trends Today

I believe there are a handful of silver stocks, easily traded on stock exchanges, that could soar past a 5X potential.

I’ve detailed the best opportunities in my
2014 The Silver Trend Report… you can have it for free today as a bonus for subscribing to Future Money Trends.

One of these high-potential stocks trades on the NYSE for around $12 today… not only does this silver miner have a short-term 300% upside, but it pays a 4% dividend as well.

A Potential For 500%

A second silver miner, that trades on the AMEX, could return 500% or more this year. It trades for around $1 right now, but it’s set to be profitable for the first time. Moreover, its balance sheet is quite strong: its
cash to total liabilities ratio is 82%, so it has incredible leverage to grow.

Overall, the underlying silver market and the general return of enthusiasm for commodities should bode well for this miner – but you’ll have to make your move soon.

Finally, as it refers to lower-risk silver plays, my
2014 The Silver Trend Report reveals the one silver miner that we believe has the greatest upside potential among all the silver miners traded in the major domestic exchanges.

Is There 600%, Or More, On The Table Here?

This miner trades for way less than $1. But, before silver plunged, its average monthly price was $4.08. With silver heating up, its profit potential could easily retrace that ground, and this time with parabolic highs for rapid returns.

I am convinced this top-flight company has bottomed out. Its cash on hand is enough to cover total liabilities twice over, something that very few miners, let alone companies regardless of industry, can boast.

Ultimately, this is a beat-down company that has the possibility for an earnings surprise and thus a massive boost to its share price. At current valuations, it is more than worth your immediate consideration.

On the riskier side – pure penny stock speculations – my
2014 The Silver Trend Report features three companies that could explode for gains that blow past 1,000%.

My favorite of these trades for 7 cents… yet it has a history behind it… one that saw it soar to nearly $1.10 before the silver market tanked.

Should this company take off again, 1,500% gain is not out the picture. At 7 cents, you need to grab a toehold on this company now!

There are two other great speculations in my new report.

Make Your Move Now! Don’t Take Your Eyes Of These Potentially Mammoth Paydays

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At Future Money Trends’ Smart Money we are dedicated to making sure you are one of the first to know what’s going on in every imaginable way to make money.

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Daniel Ameduri

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