A LEGEND IN THE MAKING: Cannabis Market First in Two Different Countries!

I want you to start thinking about investing differently: profitability is essential, but innovation and first-to-market status are the earmarks of a truly great company.

Whoever makes their move first is the winner time and again – it’s a rule to live by, especially in the challenging world of investing. Laggards get the leftovers, and you deserve better than having to fight over the scraps as expensive, overhyped cannabis companies struggle for market share.

The only way to win that game is not to play it, meaning that you have to break free from the commonplace and seek out cannabis profits elsewhere. Innovators are hard to come by, but they do exist.

There’s a company that is breaking boundaries in both Canada and Israel, which happens to be one of one of the most important locations in the global cannabis market. Not only does Israel have one of the highest per-person cannabis use rates in the world (over 27%), but it has a huge pool of medical cannabis patients, estimated at more than 50,000.

And actually, there is a company with the distinction of being Israel’s first pure-play cannabis producer and exporter to list in Canada. The company’s name is Isracann Biosciences (CSE: IPOT, OTC: ISCNF), and they’re targeting not only the Israeli market, but the most cannabis-friendly regions of Europe as well.

There’s nothing else quite like this on the market: a low-cost producer that’s serving the severely underserved domestic Israeli market, while also preparing to export to lucrative cannabis markets in Germany, Denmark, Poland, and the United Kingdom, among other regions.

The CSE has never seen a company that can do this, and I’m predicting incredible growth in both the Israeli and European marijuana markets as the demand increases for premium medical-grade cannabis product. Just the Israeli market alone will make Isracann world-famous because traders using the CSE will have no alternative for pure-play exposure to this emerging niche industry.

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    Since the company already has relationships with the research, scientific, and medical communities to identify opportunities and develop a pipeline of drugs and devices, Isracann has achieved first-mover status – and IPOT/ISCNF shares will put you first in line as the profits roll in.

    And talk about fertile ground: unlike Canada, Israel has the ideal climate, which allows for multiple growing cycles of the cannabis plant, resulting in significantly higher production per square foot compared to other countries.

    Courtesy: Isracann Investor Presentation

    Due to Israel’s perfect temperature, humidity levels, and UV rays, Isracann is able to capitalize on much faster and easier growth of the plant: high yields at a low cost translate to bigger profits for the company and enhanced value for IPOT/ISCNF shareholders.

    Israel became the first country to allow medical research and cannabis cultivation back in 2007 – it’s a nation of innovators, and the marijuana market is no exception because Israel is expected to approve cannabis exports in the second quarter.

    This is all a first for the CSE and for the world, really, as the focus of the cannabis market is shifting from the obvious (Canada) to the next phase of development: Israel and its neighbors in the European Union. It’s a shame that very few people appreciate the opportunity being presented here – but luckily for you, it’s still possible to get in on the ground floor with Isracann biosciences (CSE: IPOT & US: ISCNF).

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