BREAK OUT THE PASSPORT: Cannabis Profits Are Going Overseas!

Investing is one of those endeavors where you can’t stand still because as soon as you do, the best opportunities pass you by. And let me tell you, pot stocks are no exception to the rule: just when you thought you had the incredibly lucrative global cannabis market figured out, along comes a company that’s changing the game entirely.

You see, everybody thinks that Canada is the future of canna-business – and it’s hot now, but Israel’s much warmer, literally. You won’t find optimal weed cultivation conditions for very long in Canada or even in most parts of the U.S., but you’ll get it in Israel, where the sun shines for 300+ days a year.

This optimal sun exposure leads to reduced production costs, making Israel the next hub of economic activity for the worldwide cannabis market – even if investors haven’t caught on to this yet. Israel is also basically the cannabis research capital of the world (the THC and CBD cannabinoid structures were discovered at Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and geographically it’s in a perfect position to export the product throughout Europe.

That’s one heck of a big market, as 10 European nations already have legalized medical cannabis and the EU medical market is expected to grow to $64 billion by the year 2028. For up-and-coming cannabis superstar Isracann (CSE:IPOT), the journey to European market domination begins in Israel, where 10,000 patients on waiting list right now for medical cannabis due to severe supply constraints.

Courtesy: Isracann

Ready to solve that supply shortage is Isracann, whose partnership with leading R&D labs in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem enables the company to leverage their expertise and bring novel products to the burgeoning Israeli market. In fact, Isracann is currently engaged in a partnership with Lumir Labs at Hebrew University of Jerusalem to identify and develop a groundbreaking pipeline of strains, pharmaceuticals, and devices.

We’re looking at a massively underserved domestic market in Israel which presents a significant and immediate opportunity – not to mention all of the European Union countries in close proximity, such as Germany, which also faces a severe under-supply of premium cannabis product.

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    The profit potential here is almost incalculable. With a projected global market size of $146.6 billion by 2025, legalized cannabis is one of the fastest growing consumer segments in history – and Isracann is preparing to make its mark, as they’ve already secured farms in Israel to lease their land for medicinal marijuana cultivation.

    Courtesy: Isracann

    This is all IMC-GAP/GSP certified facility to meet Israel’s regulatory standards, and the facility’s proposed state-of-the-art 12-canopy layout and top-of-the-line irrigation infrastructure will enable Isracann to be an ultra-efficient, low-cost producer of high-grade medical marijuana, with an anticipated cost of $0.40 per gram.

    That’s a much lower production cost than you’ll generally expect to see in Canadian facilities, where the climate simply isn’t ideal for cannabis cultivation. The 46,000+ medical marijuana patients in Israel (plus all the ones on the waiting list) are demanding premium product – and it’s a good thing that Isracann is and set up with a massive grow facility to meet that demand.

    Few investors really understand how big the Israeli weed market is going to be in the coming years, and even fewer are aware of this hidden gem of a company. That’s why I’m putting Isracann and IPOT shares on my “green-alert” list today – it’s your passport to profits as the cannabis trade truly goes global.

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