The fast-growing healthy beverage and supplements market’s next huge step forward is taking place in early 2020, with one exciting development coming after another. This is a transformative niche industry that’s mimicking early stages of blockbuster success stories,  with a healthy and  mindful approach that millennial consumers prefer.

The key company to watch here is Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV & OTC: KBEVF), a small company with growing clout: it features a distribution network of over 3,700 retail locations, including 1,100 Walmart branches and 2,400 GNC stores. The fact that Koios founder Chris Miller managed to get access to those massive distribution networks for his line of nootropic-infused beverages is absolutely inspirational.

Koios just announced that it is diversifying its already impressive array of beverage product offerings with a line of specialty ground coffee products, with functional benefits. One variety of the Koios coffee line is enhanced with lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms, and the other is enhanced with collagen – all of these have well-known health benefits without the habit-forming properties of drugs or medicines.

This is a powerful move into a lucrative market, as specialty coffee now represents approximately 60% of all coffee consumed in the United States. With consumption of specialty coffee increasing rapidly, Chris Miller and Koios have identified an untapped area with these specialty coffee products.

Koios’ existing distribution channels and retail market footprint will mean that Koios’ proprietary coffee products can benefit from expedited placement on store shelves across the U.S. Furthermore, Koios is adding ingredients that have special health properties: the Creativity Blend features lion’s mane mushroom which has been reported to enhance brain function (particularly when combined with caffeine) and help reduce stress, while chaga mushrooms have been reported to improve users’ adrenal function.

Meanwhile, Koios’ Beauty Blend is a coffee that’s enhanced with collagen, a protein that is reported to have benefits that include improving the appearance of the user’s skin. This practice of combining collagen with coffee has seen great popularity in recent years as a beauty-enhancing measure – as it’s difficult to obtain collagen through traditional food sources, but now Koios’ products have it.

Along with Koios’ exciting lineup of enhanced coffee products, the company has a terrific addition to its board of directors: Josh Luman, who previously held an executive role as global brand director at Molson Coors, the second-largest beer brewer in the U.S.

Mr. Luman is a highly experienced beverage industry executive; he’s being transitioned to this key role from the Koios board of advisors, where he has served since May of 2018. Now with even greater involvement in Koios’ business activities, Luman’s expertise in the beverage industry will be instrumental to Koios’ growth in 2020 and beyond.

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CEO Chris Miller is delighted to welcome Josh to the board of directors during this very exciting time for the company. As Koios continues to expand its footprint in the functional beverage space, both with new products as well as new retail and distribution partners, having Josh on board will be key as Koios navigates its expansion.

“During his time at Molson Coors, Josh attained a perspective that very few beverage industry executives have had the privilege of gaining, and we are confident that his perspective will help Koios achieve some very positive results,” remarked Mr. Miller.

Josh Luman’s extensive know-how in the beverages market will only add more value to a company that’s already expanding at an astonishing pace. The timing is perfect as Koios adds new products and reaches untapped markets, while striving to provide enhanced value for its shareholders and customers alike.

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