Dear Paid Up Member,

This is almost too easy, that is why most people haven’t thought of it! Now it will require some time, however, I personally use it as more of a hobby because getting free silver is a lot like panning for gold. It will take your time and energy.

Okay so here it is, you can use this strategy aggressively or occasionally. If you are like me, you can make it fun for the kids as they can do most of the work for you. The next time you are at your bank, simply ask the teller for as many $1 coins as possible, also ask for quarters, dimes, and half dollars.Once you receive your rolls of coins, the hunting begins, you want to sift through them carefully and look for these specific years for each coin.

For the quarters, you are looking for the years 1932-1964, these are 90% silver and 10% copper, their total weight is 6.25 grams. At $22.84 per ounce of silver, this makes each one of these quarters worth $4.13.

Dimes, you have the Mercury Dime from 1916-1945 and the Roosevelt Dime from 1846-1964. The melt value for these coins due to the silver in them is about $1.65 right now as I write this, again, this is FREE silver if you can find them in a roll of dimes your local bank teller gives you.

The dollars are much harder to find speaking from my experience, the Morgan Dollars are pretty much nonexistent, however, you can still find some Peace Dollars from 1921-1935 and some Eisenhower Dollars (40% silver) from the years 1971-1976. The Peace Dollar has a silver value of $17.65 today and the Eisenhower Dollar has a value of $7.22.

You can also ask for half dollars, when you get them look for the years 1916-1964, all of these are worth $8.25, there is also the Kennedy Half Dollar that was made from 1965-1970 that is 40% silver making it worth $3.37.

Anyone who does this, when you find some silver please be sure to email me at and let me know because it will honestly make my day. I love hearing from people who use this strategy to acquire free silver.

I hope this will help you all accumulate more silver, as well as give you something fun to do in your spare time.

Daniel Ameduri