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Interview with the founder of CloudHashing

I received the following email from CloudHashing on September 17, 2013:

September 2013 Update


Welcome to this month’s Cloud Hashing newsletter. We have a few things to update you on, all good news. We have been busy preparing for the launch of multiple bitcoin mines and everything looks set for an excellent mining experience for our customers.

July Contracts – Now at 100% capacityWe are pleased to announce that all July contract holders are now mining at 100% capacity. As a thank you to our early adopters, we promised that we would be giving a 25% increase in hashing power for free. This hashing power will be visible on all July contract holder’s account once the September contracts begin mining in the next few weeks.

The revenue reinvestment programme (RRP) kicks into effect as of today. July customers will now receive additional hashing power every 30 days through this programme.

September Contracts – On schedule

Everything is on schedule for mining this September. We expect the full 110 terahashes to launch by 31st September. Please do ensure you have logged onto the website to add your bitcoin wallet address. If you have not already done so, please visit

The Cloud Hashing team has been working hard to setup the infrastructure to support this tremendous hashing power. We have the best technical team in the bitcoin industry building out an amazing system for our customers. It is simply remarkable what we have been able to achieve in such a short space of time.

Contract Price Rise

Within a few weeks, Cloud Hashing will be selling contracts that in essence start mining 20 minutes after purchase. This is a complete paradigm shift in the bitcoin industry from the more common pre order and wait model. In line with this shift, we are announcing a price increase on all contracts purchased after this week. This is to keep in line with basic industry supply and demand.

New pricing will be available on the website shortly.

If you are planning to purchase an additional contract before we begin September mining, you have 1 more week with which to do so before the price increase.

Referral Program

We are still finalizing the referral plans. We will update you on this when completed.

Mining Pool

Our Bitcoin Mining Pool technology introduces several new and exciting innovations to Bitcoin mining as a whole, which will provide distinct advantages to our customers that no other mining pool offers.

The first of those is the introduction of virtual mining (Cloud Hashing customers) fully integrated with physical mining, allowing customers and visitors alike to use their own existing hardware to connect to the pool simultaneously. This will result in more frequent payouts.

The user interface is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, making setting up your preferred payout method as simple as possible. It will provide security features to protect your account with several layers of validation checks if you choose to enable them all.

We further include extensive pool technology optimizations that allow for the continual scaling of contracts and pool hashing power as RRP contracts grow and the hashing power increases.

The more technical users may be pleased to know we’re using asynchronous validation of all mining submission data, redundant backups of all data, fail-over servers and offline storage of coins except for those required for payouts, with a large emphasis on security.


We at Cloud Hashing would like to thank all of our customers (yourselves) for choosing us as your bitcoin mining service provider.

To Close

These are exciting times in the currency space. The recent spike in network difficulty further solidifies Cloud Hashing as the most effective means of mining profitably. Our RRP programme over the next couple of months will give our customers a competitive edge against older forms of mining. We are passionate about offering the best possible products in the Bitcoin space to our customers and adding value to the bitcoin economy as a whole.

If you don’t know how to create a Bitcoin wallet address, try visiting and registering for one, it’s free!!

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