From August 5th 2020, when gold reached its all-time high, we’ve seen the metal entering an official correction, defined by a -10% top to bottom price decline. It looks like the bottom may have been reached, judging by the following price chart!


From peak to bottom (August 5th to September 24th 2020), gold FELL FROM $2,070/ounce to $1,855/ounce on September 21st, a 10.4% downward move.

Since then, the price has risen by 3.3%.

Therefore, here are THREE COMPANIES we are profiling:

Blue Lagoon Resources (CAD: BLLG & US: BLAGF) CATALYSTS:

What has the company done that has likely caused these upward price moves in the month of October?

  • For one, the company’s business model is receiving more attention in the investment community; that’s good for everyone, since the market participants can judge it better, compared with other mining companies.
  • The keys to unlocking value with this company are two-fold:
  1. Good drilling results; the flagship property, which was acquired for CAD$27M in a share-only deal, even though its previous owners spent approximately CAD$68M to get it to its present stage, show that founder/CEO Rana Vig is a likely great negotiator. He’s also spearheading the company’s ongoing drilling program. The vast majority of the asset has never been drilled – ever (over 90%).
  2. Higher gold prices; with the project already permitted; an important milestone for any mining company – the permitting process takes years. If the company decides to turn into a producer, which ought to de-risk the business model, as they’ll generate cash flow, assuming today’s gold prices, the company will announce such a decision.

Remember that after all of this IMPORTANT NEWS, the LION SHARE of the drilling is ahead of us – the company has only just begun to explore.

Watch Blue Lagoon Resources (CAD: BLLG & US: BLAGF) and study it NOW!

Uncertainty and risk of failure: Blue Lagoon has not made a decision to proceed to production at this time and will evaluate its production decision once all permit requirements are in place. Any production decision in advance of obtaining a feasibility study of mineral reserves demonstrating economic and technical viability of the project is associated with increased uncertainty and risk of failure.

Great Thunder Gold (CAD: GTG & US: GTGFF) is a small-cap gold stock. Its market cap is around CAD$24M (USD$18M) and Eric Sprott owns 14.62% of it.

Most people have never heard of it, but a great many have heard of Eric Sprott’s major position in Wallbridge Mining:

As you can see, in the past five years, its share price is up over 3,000%, thanks to previous drilling programs, conducted by the miners in the region, which have announced discoveries of various minerals. This region is active right now, with a number of companies in drilling mode.

Drilling and exploring for gold, when successful, contributes to what becomes one of those charts like the one above.

Great Thunder Gold’s (CAD: GTG & US: GTGFF) management team and its key shareholders believe that there’s more gold hiding beneath the surface in the Detour Lake district, since they’re risking tens of millions on this assumption. Their business model targets potentially discovering minerals in areas that the existing companies in the region haven’t been able to.

Kirkland Gold, which has made one of the most talked-about discoveries of the past decade of any junior miner (and where Eric Sprott has enjoyed success with, as a large shareholder), is ACTIVE in the region. Wallbridge Mining, which has acquired Balmoral Resources, and Hecla Mining (a billion-dollar plus producer) are also operating in this mining camp.

Great Thunder Gold (CAD: GTG & US: GTGFF) is following the press releases of all the other exploration efforts of these giants, “PIGGY-BACKING,” so to speak, on the data available from the tens of millions spent annually by these other companies, attempting to CONNECT THE DOTS on where potential new deposits may reside.

CEO Blair Naughty owns an additional 17%, so together with Mr. Sprott, they own a combined 31.42%.

Their Northbound property is adjacent to the FENELON gold project of Wallbridge resources. Recently, Wallbridge has been releasing high-grade drill results. These results are trending upwards towards Great Thunder Gold’s claims.

Companies that own no gold are considered grassroots explorers. If the company is able to prove that the soil contains minerals… you can do the math. Just in the past 4-5 years, we’ve seen other companies announce results and rally afterwards, based on the value-creation of mineral discoveries.

As the weather conditions clear, they’ll begin drilling!

Watch Great Thunder Gold (CAD: GTG & US: GTGFF) NOW!

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