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Silver One Resources (US: SLVRF & TSXV: SVE)

I am convinced that there has never been a better time or year to invest in silver.  After oil and water, it’s the most essential commodity on earth!  From the 45 cents worth of silver in your smart phone to the silver in our power lines, silver is an extremely important commodity to any economy.

You want to own silver, but even more so, you want to profit from its inevitable rise.  And that’s why we are suggesting our readers take a strategic investment into Silver One Resources (TSXV: SVE & US: SLVRF).

I’ve confirmed with the most well-known silver CEO in the world, Keith Neumeyer, who runs the most loved silver company, First Majestic Silver, that Silver One Resources is an investment that deserves our attention.

As a matter of disclosure, Keith told me he’s already taken a large position in Silver One Resources. Raul Diaz, a founding director of First Mining Gold, has also taken a stake in the company both as an investor and board member. Mr. Diaz is a geologist who has discovered several mines, including a major deposit for Goldcorp.

I should note that First Mining itself is the largest single shareholder of this tiny silver play.  With 3 silver exploration projects, CEO Greg Crowe told me in a call last week that new acquisitions combined with active exploration are how he plans to advance this company.  Greg’s last company went from exploration to an advanced-development mining company with Rio Tinto as its joint venture partner.

The chairman of Silver One is no stranger to investors who’ve made fortunes in the metals sector. Luke Norman is the co-founder of Gold Standard Ventures, a long-time favorite amongst gold speculators.  After speaking to Greg Crowe, this reminds me exactly of an early First Majestic, and I have to admit that there are many crossovers when you compare the quality of management and some of the shareholders involved, including the founder of First Majestic.

I look forward to covering Silver One Resources as this silver business is built up in 2018.  Right now, we are in a very good position as investors. Optimism is sweeping the country, with many business owners planning to increase spending and employment due to the recent tax cuts.

Consider shares of Silver One Resources (US: SLVRF & TSXV: SVE).

Build up your net worth and cash flow and become financially independent.

Vehicles like Silver One Resources are intended to help you do exactly that. With a small amount of money invested, you are seeking the reward only the bold deserve.  And as you’ve heard before, fortune favors the bold!

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