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Gold and Silver Manipulation: Big Bullion Banks’ Suppression Scheme

A gold “flash crash” shocked and appalled commodity traders exactly one year after gold hit an all-time high on August 6th 2020. It wasn’t an issue with gold bullion itself, but a sudden and unexpected plunge in gold paper/futures contract prices that represented the biggest two-day drop in gold (in dollar terms) since the March 2020 crash.

    Silver to $35 Per Ounce Easily: The Technicals Are Irrefutable

    No matter which angle you’re looking at it from – economics, chart technicals, or a combination of both – the bull case for silver is as powerful as ever. $35 will prove to be a key level, and after the bulls break through that, the $50 resistance point from 2011 will be next in line.

      Gold to $3,000 and Beyond: When Will It Hit All-Time Highs?

      $2,000 and much higher: it’s not an “if” question but a “when” question for gold because it’s destined to break through new resistance levels, just as it has always done in the past. Still, it’s understandable that people want to how long it will be and how far it will go.

        Precious Metals, Inflation, the National Debt, and Biden: A Recap of Current Events and the Inevitable Outcome

        Between the government’s extreme monetary policy, skewed prices among multiple market sectors, and the confluence of national budgetary concerns, there’s no shortage of flashpoint events impacting the commodity market today, particularly precious metals.

          Inflation Signs All Around Us: This Summer Will Be Nuts

          It’s the silent destroyer of wealth that impacts each and every one of us, rich or poor, but especially the middle class that works and saves for years just to watch our money’s value waste away due to reckless government print-and-spend policy.

            Death Blow to the Dollar: The Chinese Killer Shot That Can End the Currency Wars

            It’s the biggest war of the 2020s but there won’t be a draft like WWII or the Vietnam War. In fact, most reporters in the mainstream press won’t dare to bring up the topic, but it’s as historically significant – and potentially just as devastating – as the Cold War that the Baby Boomers grew up with.

              Wasteful Spending: Balance the Books – We Need Restraint

              Policing the world: This has been America’s self-appointed mandate throughout multiple world wars, and is still a massive expenditure in the U.S. budget today. Indeed, most citizens have no idea exactly how costly the defense budget really is – and how it’s impacting the economy.

                Voter Fraud 2020: Allegation Summary

                As multiple states on the electoral map mysteriously turned from red to blue, it became increasingly evident that something isn’t right with the U.S. election. In the world’s greatest nation, a rigged voting system is undermining the foundations of our democracy.

                  Dollar Bear Market 2020: From Reserve Currency To Worthless Paper

                  Everything comes in cycles and nothing lasts forever: these are the forgotten lessons that U.S. dollar perma-bulls are being forced to learn in 2020. All of the assumptions are being torn down as King Dollar is being dethroned and no matter what you’re invested in – stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, or even real estate – you must pay attention to this.

                    No Hope For Retirement: All Safety Nets Have Been Torn to Shreds

                    The full picture of the “American dream” is supposed to involve the comfortable golden years: a time when you can finally stop working and relax for 20 or 30 years. After all, you deserve to enjoy those years after a lifetime of labor and sweat, not to mention the taxes and other contributions you paid into the system during that time.

                      Ray Dalio’s Wisdom and Warnings: Populism Rises While America Declines

                      The global pandemic, civil unrest and riots, a bitterly divided nation in a pivotal election year: 2020 is turning out to be an historical inflection point that will alter the course of America as we know it. If you expect that nothing will be the same after this year, you’re certainly not alone in that sentiment.

                        Silver Bullion to $50: No Worries, The Rocket Is Still On The Launch Pad

                        The concern that unsophisticated traders are piling into precious metals is something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. After seeing incredible gains in physical silver – and even bigger gains in the mining stocks I’ve been recommending – I can tell that some folks are worried about coughing up those profits.

                          Worst Candidate in American History: Everyone Knows It

                          With President Trump’s words razor-sharp and able to cut through any competitor, you’d think the Democrats would pick a candidate with fresh ideas and a quick wit. Unbelievably, they came up with Sleepy Joe Biden, the 77-year-old Obama lackey who can barely form a coherent sentence, much less lead the nation.

                            SHOPPING LIST Q3 2020: A New Menu for the COVID-19 Recovery!

                            In the face of disaster, some companies fell by the wayside while others adapted, adjusted, and thrived. Central bank intervention and government bailouts favored certain businesses over others, while a handful of companies demonstrated their staying power in times of crisis.

                              Fuse Lit: America Crumbling From Within – Riots & Violence Threaten Rule of Law

                              One of the WORST OUTBREAKS of civil unrest in American history is unfolding RIGHT BEFORE your eyes in 2020. This is even worse than the Rodney King riots that gripped Los Angeles in the early 1990’s and the college-campus riots of Chicago in the 1960’s. Its roots TRACE BACK to a hash tag that’s controversial and, in some instances, HATE-FUELED.

                                Great Depression 2020: COVID-19 Was the Pin that Burst the Bubble!

                                I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t feel like it yet… But it’s real and it’s happening now!

                                  BEAR MARKET SELL-OFF ROUND 2: THE REAL PAIN BEGINS!

                                  I have a good friend who was a soldier in one of the world’s most prestigious and ELITE commando units. He was trained to be a warrior and a fighter who could handle SERIOUS mental shocks and still remain poised.

                                    GREEN SCREENS – GOLD $2,100 — REFLATION BEGINS!

                                    Every storm EVENTUALLY runs out of rain. The coronavirus started out as a non-event for U.S. equities, which, for nearly two months, kept climbing into all-time highs, despite reports from China. The comparisons made to SARS, Ebola and MERS caused investors to assume that this was a NOTHING-BURGER, but then contagion caught on and the tides TURNED so quickly that we saw the FASTEST AND BLOODIEST bear market slam in history.

                                      QE TO INFINITY: THE DAY THE FEDERAL RESERVE PULLED ALL STOPS!

                                      In the past month, my main message to you has been that we're living IN A NEW WORLD. The sooner you internalize that fact and think in terms of innovating your current set of circumstances and IMPLEMENT it, it will be better off for you.

                                        GAME, SET, MATCH: $2,000,000,000,000 BAILOUT – GOLD & SILVER TO GO SUPERNOVA!

                                        The coronavirus has now reached all but a few islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. It's everywhere and it KEEPS ON SPREADING. Italy has declared martial law, and I believe SEVERAL major cities and states in the U.S. will UTILIZE the same method starting this week; discipline to guidelines is still not perfect.

                                          FEMA INVOKED: Martial Law – SOCIETY CRUMBLING!

                                          This cannot be reflated; we are EXPERIENCING hyper-deflation. What we're seeing is the 2008 IMPLOSION with a 12-yr delay. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has said that the markets will stay open, but it's UP IN THE AIR right now, in my opinion. Markets could be closed for weeks.

                                            WORLD IN RUINS: DEPRESSION 2020!

                                            Coronavirus is now, QUITE HONESTLY, one of the worst disasters to come upon the human race since WW2. The quantity of casualties worldwide is less than 7,000 – which, compared with the 50,000 deaths a day caused by malnutrition, the 400,000 deaths a year caused by smoking, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year caused by car accidents and alcoholism, is NOTHING, but the prevention of further spread comes at an unbearable cost to economies.

                                              Checkmate: How Trump Beats Coronavirus

                                              If anybody fits the definition of a survivor, it is Donald J. Trump. The man has risen from the ashes many times in his life. It’s much more than the typical Hollywood rags-to-riches story you’ve heard over and over. Unlike any other business mogul, Trump is a self-made man in every way.

                                                Global Pandemic 2020: Market Crash, Recession, and Calamity!

                                                Governments have tried their hardest to deny, contain, and suppress both the virus and the news, but it’s too late now and the threat is 100% real. The coronavirus, scientifically known as COVID-19, is spreading fast and far, making it impossible for global citizens to ignore its impact.

                                                  SOLD OUT – How Globalism KILLED the Middle Class

                                                  As we listen to the masses complain about the wealth gap, we’ve all become accustomed to believing that taxing the wealthy and stealing more from them will somehow magically raise the poor into the middle class. The sad truth is that globalism has already killed the middle class, and most lack the mindset to pull themselves out of poverty.

                                                    2020-2024: Unfunded Liabilities NIGHTMARE – The Rubber Meets the Road

                                                    The financial status of the United States government is far from decent. Unfunded liabilities are an epic nightmare, and in the coming years they are going to get much worse to the point of causing financial pain to many.

                                                      4 MORE YEARS OF TRUMP-CONOMICS: How His Reelection is Guaranteed and What it Means for You

                                                      When President Donald J. Trump was elected in November of 2016, the media pundits and talking heads were shocked and, in many cases, embarrassed to be proven wrong in their predictions. The ascendance of Trump to the nation’s highest office once proved to be historic and divisive, with ripple effects throughout the world as Trump-conomics reversed many of the previous administration’s policies.

                                                        The CATASTROPHIC CURRENCY RESET: Where to be in the U.S. and Abroad When The

                                                        It’s coming, and most of us don’t even know it. Most of us don’t want to know it either. But the currency reset is upon us, and it’s going to be catastrophic.

                                                          ONLINE U.S. BROKERS GUIDE: Top Firms – Complete Manual

                                                          I receive many requests for guidance on finding an online broker in the U.S., and especially a broker that allows residents of the United States to buy American OTC (over-the-counter) stocks. This is an important topic because you don’t want to miss out on all of the incredible opportunities in American and Canadian small-cap companies.

                                                            RETIREMENT IS A MYTH: THE AMERICAN DREAM TURNS INTO NIGHTMARE!

                                                            The idea of working hard, staying loyal to your employer for 40 years, and retiring comfortably at age 65 is a nice thought – and it made sense in previous generations, when pension plans, Social Security, and other safety nets could be counted on to support us and reward us for all the years we contributed to the system.

                                                              TRUMP VS. POWELL: The Race to Find the Perfect Scapegoat

                                                              Watching the U.S. President and Chairman of the Federal Reserve go head to head is a highly unusual spectacle in American history.

                                                                80:1 –SILVER’S INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL SURGE!

                                                                Precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have done an amazing job of retaining their value over the years. Generation after generation, irrespective of which politicians are in power at the moment, gold and silver have proven themselves time and again as stable stores of value and the ultimate forms of money.

                                                                  R.I.P. MIDDLE CLASS: Elite Globalists – Enemies from Within

                                                                  Day by day, we are losing the America we once knew: the land of opportunity where anyone willing to work hard and persevere could succeed.