Having had 76 million Americans born through the years of 1946-1964, the baby boomer generation is by far the largest generation of the day significantly dwarfing the generations before and after it.  The second world war caused many families to hold off on having children calming the waters for a large wave of births to take place in a relatively short period of time as returning soldiers came home to their wives and then starting having children.  Another reason families possibly held off on having kids was due to the harsh economic conditions that Americans were facing during the 30’s into the start of the war.  For many families who didn’t have farms and other businesses that could benefit from help of their children, having kids was not an option due to the costs associated with raising them.  Many waited until financial stability came and for a number of individuals, this came during the better economic times that followed World War II contributing to the baby boomer generation mass population. 1957 was the year in which the largest amount of babies were born in a single year setting a record for the United States which wasn’t beaten for another 50 years until 2007.  It is essential for smart money investors to know that baby boomers account for 77% of all the financial assets in the United States, which is a major component as to why believes in a HUGE baby boomer trend to come.  From 1973 on, Generation X was nowhere near the population of their parents only representing a fraction of those who were born in the years prior. Baby boomers are an aging population with the first individual reaching age 60 in 2006.  For the next 2 decades, there will be literally millions of Americans entering retirement age having major economic ramifications and opening many doors for future trends to come.  Essentials for the elderly, such as, healthcare, living accommodations, and elderly assistance resources, are going to be in such high demand and a major focus for and its subscribers.  The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), the nation’s largest organization devoted to aging research, fully supports the call for a workforce of adequate size and competency to care for a rapidly increasing over-65 population.  This is a predictable trend and investment opportunity for’s subscribers.  Baby boomers have the financial power to shift markets and drive prices up and down based on specific swings in their spending habits.  Let’s get ready to make some money and be educated enough to be in front of baby boomer spending. will soon be releasing some of the businesses that are poised to make huge profits from this trend.