Last summer prior to the QE2 rumor rally stocks looked as if they were headed for a big move down. Analyst and especially perma-bears were waiting for the bottom to finally fall out, yet it never happened! Stocks only went up even more and continued to press forward. Markets are hard to time, especially when we have so many deliberate outside forces involved. The Fed alone can move the market up or down from just a simple speech or sometimes even the anticipation of a speech.

On October 26, 2010, we put out a market alert to let everyone know that volatility was coming. We were of course concerned about getting into stocks before a possible plunge and that didn’t work out too well at first.  Stocks rallied until last week when they had their biggest drop in the last three months with the DOW falling down 2.2 percent, the biggest drop since Aug 13th.

For now we are still concerned with something potentially much larger at play, remember insider selling is still 3,000 to 1. It’s a jaw dropping comparison when you think about it.  Even with QE2 still in the headlines the insiders are still on the run. Of course none of these short term trades are important to our long term trends, but again, our goal is to always find entry points that will put you in the money from the start.

On October 7, 2010, wrote an article pertaining to energy and the direction this country and the world is going to in terms of green energy.  As we said in our previous article the growth in clean energy sectors will be exponential over the next upcoming years.

MSNBC did a report on the tidal energy project going into the East River in New York City, New York.  As you can recall, tidal energy is the use of natural water patterns capturing its kinetic energy and transforming it to electric power.

This project is a milestone in tidal energy and being the first tidal energy plant in America even more so in a heavily populated highly trafficked region such as New York.  Plans for the RITE Project include building up to 30 Turbine Free Flow systems generating 1MW of power in the East River and eventually expanding to the West River to generate anywhere between 2-4 MW of power.

This is just the start of what we believe at will be a wave of change towards alternative energy solutions. We will be diligently investigating and researching profitable investment picks for our subscribers pertaining to renewable energy. Stand by for our silver pick that will be released as soon as an entry point opens.