Micro cap equity or as most people refer to them as penny stocks, are publicly traded companies that sell for less than five dollars according to the Securities and Exchange Commision. Some of these companies are literally penny stocks, even selling for a fraction of one cent. These type of companies are high risk and high reward. Unlike large companies that are well known, these companies are unheard of by the general public. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a great business or sell products that are sold regionally to average everyday consumers; it just means that they still have a lot of  growing to do. Which of course is where the high reward comes into play. is always looking for the next big trend and company positioned to profit from that trend. Using penny stocks to capture huge profits is definantly somewhere we want to position ourselves when the time is right.  The key of course is finding the right companies that are unknown to the talking heads on CNBC, hedge funds, and average day traders.

Prior to doing any investments, especially in penny stocks, make sure you find out all the facts first and please consider how the economy and future trends will effect these micro cap companies.