Without a doubt silver is going to be one of the best investments in human history.  This finite resource is getting scarce and is definitely on’s radar. According to the CPM group, above ground available silver is roughly around 300 million ounces. Just to give you an idea on how big of a deal this is, just 60 years ago the world had an above ground silver supply of over 10 billion ounces. Comparatively, gold 50 years ago had an above ground supply of 1 billion ounces and today it is over 7 billion ounces. That’s right, the above ground available gold supply is up 700% in the last 50 years while silver’s supply is down 97% during the same time period. Today, there are only 22 mines exclusively dedicated to silver mining, yet silver use is at an all time high. In fact, when you look at the future supply of silver and compare it with future demand, silver is the most rare metal on earth. Silver is a component in our electronics, reflectors, TVs, CDs, DVDs, iPods, RFID tags, ovens, circuit boards, batteries, medicines, medical equipment, vehicles, computers, cell phones, and is even a crucial component in the process to make plastic. Silver is also expanding its need in thealternative energy market. Silver paste is used in 90% of our most common solar cells. Of course the industrial world has up until the last decade been mainly in the west, but as we see a rising east we will see the demand for silver continue to rise.  A rising global demand for electronics and everything else silver is part of will cause a supply and demand price explosion. After reviewing all of these bullish factors, believes silver is something every investor should hold in their portfolio.

With silver at multi-decade highs, many investors will attempt to trade the metal in order to lock in profits. But for those in the know, the smart money investors, accumulating silver is the better way to go. We currently are doing an analysis on all of the silver companies that are traded publicly and will release our report in October.

Currently, we recommend investors to have at least 50% of their silver investment in physical metal. You can go to a local coin dealer or purchase the metal online. will be doing regular updates on this trend due to current economic conditions.