Two major trends that we have been talking about is Asia and Gold, specifically China. China is projected to have rapid growth and will not peak in spending until 2025 which gives us plenty of time to move our money in front of this powerful trend.  The exciting thing for all of our members today is that two of our trends continue to collide.

Yesterday it was announced that a Chinese mutual fund will be able to purchase exchange-traded gold funds.  This means that the gold markets are now clearly open to mainland China.  Imagine the moves we have seen in the precious metals, now add in all the Chinese investors and savers who are in a rapidly expanding economy that are worried about inflation.

Chinese savers are currently receiving a negative real interest rate, bank deposits are currently paying out 2.5%, yet consumer prices in October were officially up 4.4% from last year.  Projections by Bank of America are for consumer prices to actually hit 5% by December, price inflation is clearly on the minds of Chinese investors and savers.

This comes on the heels of Hong Kong launching a gold-ETF just a few weeks ago that is backed by bullion held in Hong Kong in Chinese vaults.  Asian investors, especially those holding Hong Kong dollars, have found their savings in a global currency war because the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar.

In our opinion, Asia will continue to prosper for many decades to come and western debt will continue to wreak havoc on currency markets for some time. Going for gold before a billion other people do is without a doubt a smart money move that will reap in enormous profits.

Gold is up over 11% since we announced it to be a global currency trend.

Silver is up over 52% since we announced it as one of the greatest investments in human history.

Within the last two weeks we have met with hundreds of junior mining and energy companies.  For those of you who are looking for long term investments with maximum potential we have some very exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months ahead.