U.S. homes that received a default notice jumped 33% in August from July. This is a HUGE one month increase! In fact, it is the largest one month gain in 4 years with 78,880 properties receiving a default notice. Why the big jump? In the past few months, several key court decisions have been made that basically gave the banks the green light to continue sending out default notices to borrowers who are in default. Sounds crazy, right.

California, which has become the Mecca for foreclosure litigation attorneys, saw their default notices increase by 55% in the past month. Indiana climbed 46% and the state of New Jersey, where last month a judge ruled that banks could resume uncontested foreclosure actions, saw an increase of 42%.
Who is taking the hit? Bank of America, the largest mortgage holder in the U.S., B of A saw (ready for this?) a 200% increase in 1 month for default notices that they sent to borrowers. WOW, talk about a foreclosure pipeline.

The Data

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  • Average loan in foreclosure is delinquent for a RECORD 600 days!
  • 1.9 million loans are at least 90 days late and are NOT currently in foreclosure. In fact, of those that are NOT in foreclosure, nearly 800,000 have not made a payment in more than a year. Again, these are people who are not even in the foreclosure process yet.
  • There are 300% more foreclosure filings than sales.
  • 4.1 million homes are more than 90 days late, this is 800% higher than before the housing crisis began.
  • 6.9 million loans are delinquent by 30 days or more.

Please consider the above before making any major financial decisions. One of our goals here at is to help people to know the facts in order to live much better lives. People who listen to the government or pundits unfortunately will make life changing decisions off of ridiculous assessments, remember how everyone said housing was great in 2008 and we would see an annual 10% increase for the next decade? Imagine all the people who decided to become realtors, loan officers, or other jobs related to housing because they felt like they were making a sound decision based off of what the experts told them. Knowing the truth and being informed in our opinion is a true asset that can reap great dividends throughout your life.