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Latvia’s largest bank fights off depositor run after rumors of imminent collapse!

Before we even start this, where the hell is Latvia? Oh you mean the country that borders Estonia and Lithuania, like that helps. All joking aside, the situation in Europe is serious.

Latvia’s largest bank scrambled Monday to head off a bank run among depositors who were gripped by rumors of an imminent collapse. Weekend rumors that Swedbank was facing legal and liquidity problems in Estonia and Sweden sent thousands of Latvians to bank machines on Sunday, with some lines reaching as many as 50 people.

So far the rumors have been contained to Latvia and did not spread to neighboring countries, however, this only adds to the tensions we are seeing in Europe.

Already the plan that was supposed to save Europe last week (like the 15th one), which caused the market to rally, is starting to fade. Investors are now worried that last week’s measures that were announced to ease the euro-zone crisis will fail, causing many to flee into the dollar and sell commodities.

We think Rick Rule of Sprott Money put it best when we interviewed him a few weeks ago, [su_quote]Investors are moving from a less liquid lie (Euro) to a more liquid lie, the U.S. dollar.[/su_quote]

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India and Gold

According to industry estimates, around 200 metric tons of gold have been used as collateral to raise loans. This is very encouraging as it is proving that gold is indeed once again becoming the markets’ reserve currency. For more on this article, please