So far for 2011, has found some real gems to present to our members. On January 17th we profiled NWM Mining Corp, a gold producer who since our profile has seen a 50% increase. The selling pressure from warrants ends on the 16th of this month, so we are expecting further gains this month. We also profiled a lithium company profiled on January 24th that has seen a 16% gain in the past week. Our latest pick profiled this weekend is Andover Ventures, trading on the TSX.V under AOX and the OTC under AOVTF. Currently trading for around 65 cents, we believe this stock could turn out to be one of our biggest winners in 2011. With high grade assets, a joint venture with Rio Tinto, and a mine that is going into production later this year, we have high expectations for AOVTF. Please, if you haven’t already done so, take the time to review a full company profile.


Hundreds have lined up outside banks to get cash, Egyptians are allowed to withdraw up to 50,000 Egyptians pounds ($8,500). The Egyptian pound has fallen to its lowest level since 2005 and according to Shahinaz Foda, the head of treasury at BNP Peribas Egypt, we may see Egyptian yields surge to around 30 percent. expects this currency to continue to fall regardless of what happens to the government over the coming weeks and months. This last decade, Egypt has been producing less and less oil, and in 2011 or 2012 is set to become an oil importer. Remember, global oil production has been flat since 2005, yet the emerging markets, many of whom are exporters of oil, are consuming more and more of it for themselves. In a world of fiat currency wars, the Egyptians that are able to get currency out today should immediately convert it into something real as soon as possible, in our opinion.

Market update

With the strong winds of QE2 and soon QE3 at their backs, Wall St. is shaking off the horrible unemployment report put out on Friday and continuing the march to Dow infinity. Last Friday, the BLS or as we like to call them, the ministry of information, reported that the unemployment rate was finally starting to fall as hundreds of thousands gave up looking for a job. A record 6.6 million people are now not officially in the labor force who want a job. 431,000 individuals have been added to this list in the last month. The official amount of people unemployed has gone from 15 million to 13.9 million people in the past 60 days, however if you recall, we are not creating any jobs.

Canadian Dollar Vs. U.S. Dollar

Canada’s dollar reached the highest level since May 2008. The Canadian currency has risen the most in the past two months against the Bernanke note, which is kind of funny since the Canadian dollar is called the loonie, in our opinion, it should be the Bernanke note that is referred to as the looney. expects this trend to continue as oil prices rising will positively affect Canadian GDP along with QE3 rumors that should really ramp up as we move into the spring.

Budget Cuts in D.C.?

With the Treasury Department already submitting the official request to raise the debt ceiling, congress is set to begin debating it this week. believes any cuts congress will agree to will more than likely be too little too late. The entitlements, subsidies, and other government aid made our economy completely dysfunctional to the point that the economy is now dependent on borrowing 40 cents for every dollar we spend. The cuts that need to be made, can’t be made since the short term negative effects will scare political re-election campaigns to death. Politicians will opt-out of doing the right thing in order to be able to kick the can a few more months or years so that when things do get ugly, they can simply point to the other side or worse the free market that wasn’t allowed to work.