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Gas and Food Inflation

The price at the pump, the major commotion of the year, is hitting Americans close to home and in many cases forcing Americans to stay put due to less driving and lack of cash.  With average price per gallon for automobile fuel exceeding $3.50 across the nation, the potential wild card for severe financial disruption is beginning to show its face.  The burden of rising prices and high unemployment rates might be that straw that breaks the camel’s back.  The pain at the pump is pushing up prices on food and other items as well.  Wholesalers are tacking on delivery fees because of increased fuel costs which in turn trickles down to all industries and is felt by every individual.  The standard of living for America is waning and individuals who once enjoyed the fruits of their hard work in the form of disposable income are now working just to get by.  The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization stated that global food prices rose for an eighth straight month on the back of a tightening supply of wheat and other cereal crops, and the current spike in oil costs could drive record prices even higher.  The FAO’s food price index was up 2.2% in February; costs of every food group excluding sugar, showed an increase. Food prices are currently at their peak since the U.N. began to measure them.

Market Update

U.S. blue-chip stocks got hammered today, the Dow Jones was down 228 points. The market is concerned with inflation, oil, Saudi Arabia, and western debt concerns. All concerns that has been talking about, as well as providing investment ideas in order to capitalize on these future trends. Today, unemployment claims jumped, Saudi police fired on protesters, and the European sovereign debt crisis fears were renewed as Moody’s cut the Spanish government’s debt rating. The Dow Jones closed the day below 12,000, the first time since August.

A surge in oil prices and demand for non-union made foreign cars have pushed imports up at the fastest rate in 18 years in January. The U.S. trade deficit jumped 46.3 billion in January, the highest deficit in six months. The 15.1% increase, reported by the Commerce Department, showed that exports rose 2.7% to an all time high of 167.7 billion. However, imports rose to 214.1 billion, a huge jump in demand for foreign goods, industrial machinery, and telecommunications equipment drove the increase. Oil imports also rose 9.5%, a trend that we expect to continue.