NWM Mining Update:

NWM Mining Corp which trades in Canada under NWM and the U.S. under NWMMF is starting to get noticed by investors. Since our profile on Monday night, the stock is up 20% and the volume has increased by as much as 20 times. Clearly investors are starting to take notice of NWM Mining and its 2011 potential as an up and coming producer. NWMMF just started producing a few weeks ago and is still trading for around 12 cents a share. Nothing pleases our staff more than knowing that’s members are prospering by learning about solid undiscovered companies in front of major trends. will continue to search for more stories like NWM Mining Corp.

Gold Update:

Gold got slammed yesterday, and the media ran stories every hour yesterday morning as to why. In yesterday’s trend alert email, we discussed how the media pointing to the Brazilian rate increase was totally bogus, but by the time our email went out the media had already changed their minds. Better than expected jobless claims became the new reason for a short time, however, once the China GDP numbers came out, the media had a new headline for gold being down. The real reason gold was down is because the COMEX just raised the margin requirements for gold and silver by 10%, no doubt this information was leaked causing gold to get clobbered yesterday morning. does not expect the media to clarify why gold actually went down anytime soon.

California Declares Fiscal Emergency

Wow, that was fast! One of our major predictions for 2011 is that we will see one state ask for help from the federal government and at least one major city file bankruptcy. Yesterday, California’s Governor Jerry Brown declared a fiscal emergency. California currently has a 25.4 billion dollar budget gap, though Browns declaration is more procedural in his state, believes it’s only a matter of time before he gives President Obama a call.

This morning the New York Times reported that there is a quiet discussion in D.C. about helping the states declare bankruptcy or something close to it in order to help them restructure their debt. No official bill has been introduced, but the fact that some in congress are talking about it lets us know just how close we are to a major municipal bond crisisVideo of the Weekend looks for trends and would like to share a very interesting 30 minute interview of a former George Soros trader named Victor Sperandeo. The original post is on the VisionVictory and VictoryIndependence channels on youtube, but we have posted them for your convenience on our video page. In this 30 minute interview, Victor Sperandeo discusses government, banking, deflation, inflation, investments, and why he believes gold is something everyone must own.