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It is important that before reading any further, you review and understand our disclaimer fully. We do NOT give recommendations or advice.

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Trading Rules We Live By

Please note that this is not advice or a recommendation on what you should do, this is simply some ground rules that our staff, with years of experience, tries to live by.

Trade Under The Covering Of A Long Term Trend

If you are going to make a mistake, you might as well make a mistake in an industry that is in a bull market. Imagine someone who wants to open an umbrella store, would you open it in Seattle or Phoenix? Seattle of course, this doesn’t mean your business won’t fail, but you certainly gave yourself better odds being located in a city that has more rainy days that sunny. The same can be true for stock trading, we never go long or trade stocks that have an ugly trend, if the industry is in a bear market, let it go.

Base Your Trading Decisions Before You Buy Or Sell

Before entering any trade or long term hold, always have an entry and exit strategy. Never just enter a trade and hope that it goes up, know where you want to sell regardless of direction. For example, if it goes up 15% or if it goes down 15%, stick to the plan.

Sell Losers and Lock in Profits.

Society has been brain washed in the buy and hold mentality. We speak to people all the time who were up 40% or more on a stock and now they are down 40%. Smart money always locks in profits, don’t be greedy, most investors are happy with a 7% return for the entire year, if you see a 7% return in a day, lock it in. NOTHING goes up forever, if you really like the trade, don’t fall in love with it, it is destined to go down eventually. It goes back to the most simple rule “buy low sell high.”

Have stop losses to protect your account. Conventional wisdom will always tell you to average down, however, our view on this is that adding to a mistake only makes it a bigger mistake.

Don’t Be Scared To Reverse Course

One of the biggest warning signs that things have gone wrong is when you have high volume and the stock doesn’t go up, or worse, it goes down. When we see this, we RUN!!!


Read the company filings, go to, Yahoo Finance,, and Visit the company’s website and speak with their IR department, a little research can go a long way. Educate yourself and spend enough time doing the required research for each trade.