HSBC May Phase Out U.S. Credit-Card Business

Talk about a trend, here we have one of the largest banks considering exiting the U.S. market. CEO Stuart Gulliver says that he is upbeat about the U.S. economy but wants to focus more on Hong Kong and emerging markets. Come on let’s be honest, is he really up beat about the U.S. economy? I mean if banks are in the business to loan money, then why would they want to exit the largest credit card consumer economy on the planet? believes this is a trend that will continue, in fact we believe that within the next decade the financial capital of the world will no longer be New York, but somewhere in Asia, most likely Hong Kong. Capital flows are heading east. The west, specifically America, is simply tapped out and about to enter a debt crisis that will force an end to the borrow and spend lifestyle of looking rich.

Get Ready!!! is currently doing a massive amount of due diligence on several companies. Not only are we interviewing the people who run them, we are literally visiting the properties they own. In the past few weeks, we have visited one silver property, traveled to interview a gold mining company, and later this month we are visiting an operating gold mine. We will take lots of video so that our members can learn the logistics of getting gold out of the ground and we assure you, it is much more difficult then printing currency!

We look forward to reporting back to you everything we have discovered, we just want to make sure that all these companies are the real deal first. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so be patient, one of the companies we plan on presenting may be our biggest winner yet! In fact, staff will more than likely make it their largest holding, of course, only AFTER our members have had the chance to research it for themselves. Breaks News with QE2

With the Dow Jones closing down for the past 6 weeks, the media is jumping all over any negative news about the economy. Wall Street, who usually could care less about bad news on Main Street, is also magnifying soft data that has been around for the past 4 years. Obviously, Wall Street is looking for their next handout and knows that the story needs to be for the next few weeks that the markets are falling because of bad news from Main Street. However, housing sales at record lows, long term unemployment at record highs, and other economic indicators have been trending this way since 2008. Millions, for example, have been added onto the food stamp rolls throughout QE1, QE2, and all the other bailouts thrown at Wall Street.

So is reality finally being priced in? Not even close in our opinion. This is nothing more than a scheduled correction for public viewing in order to give the Federal Reserve the catalyst for continuing quantitative easing, and so far it looks like it’s working. Most pundits on CNBC are now talking aboutwhen QE3 arrives, not if. believes that we will see QE3 in some form after the month of August. Congress of course has set August 2nd as their ‘s*** hits the fan’ cut off date for raising the debt ceiling. Currently, the Treasury Department has raided over 80 billion dollars for federal worker pension plans in order to continue spending. As reported on, so far in June the Treasury has collected 44.4 billion in income and spent 89 billion. also reported that with the disclosure of recent declassified documents from the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve used $600 billion to secretly bailout foreign banks. Please take the time to read this post and share it with as many people as possible.

This is about getting the truth out!!!

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We hope you found this report as informative as we did. We believe the key to making sound investment decisions is knowing the truth. So many MILLIONS of people base their decisions off of government propaganda. Think of all the people who purchased homes in 2007, became realtors, or invested money into the housing market because the government was yelling from the top of the capital that everything was fine. It wasn’t too long ago that Barney Franks and Chris Dodd were telling us how great Fannie and Freddie were doing. Or the Fed telling us that the real estate market having a national downturn was highly unlikely. This type of one-two punch propaganda from the media and government is all too common.

Individuals who speak out and tell the truth are typically treated as crazy, or even worse, treated as criminals like Julian Assange.

Most people are convinced that gold (for example) is just some speculative bubble, when in reality gold is money. It is the only cure to the current failed fiat currency system that enriches 1/10th of one percent of our society and enslaves the rest.

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