***2012 The Class Warfare Election***


This is sad, Americans have been so brain washed and so conditioned by the government that people are in an absolute tizzy about Mitt Romney paying an effective tax rate of 13.9%. Now everyone knows we are not supporters of any of the big government politicians, so this is NOT a political email in the sense of endorsing a candidate or party. This is about the mindset of most people, something we honestly find disgusting. The masses and the politicians from both sides of the aisle are using this ‘tax return” story to beat the drums of class warfare.


Has anyone in the main stream media, colleges, or anyone brought up the fact that instead of everyone demanding Mitt pay more, why don’t we demand that everyone else pay less. In fact, since it is the fruits of your labor, why don’t we demand to keep all of our earned income? To us, this is a property rights issue, not a “pay your fair share” issue, that would be stupid to even say something like that. Seriously, Mitt paying more in income taxes than probably 150 million people combined, is he really paying his fair share? No, he is paying a lot more than his fair share.


The fact is taxing our income is oppression by the government, especially since the IRS is pointing a gun at our heads. If you don’t pay your income tax, you might end up in jail. Don’t believe us, ask Irwin Schiff, an anti-income tax advocate who the feds threw in jail for failure to report income.

Think about the tyranny in this tax, you exchange your time, energy, and body to produce income, and then instead of You using your earnings for yourself and family, the government forcefully takes some of it away in order to give it to others. Perhaps a Saudi prince, a life long smoker who needs medical care, or maybe to pay for a warrentless wire tap.

We pay an income tax, then with what’s left we pay a gas tax, sales tax, property tax, cell phone tax, and hundreds of other taxes. Of course as Congressman Ron Paul often points out, as the government spends money into the economy using our taxes, they inevitably create an inflation tax. The devaluation of our currency, the medium of exchange that is recognized as legal tender in the U.S. For those that would like to use a competing currency, like the Liberty Dollar that is backed by gold and silver, well you can forget about it, because as soon as people start to buy into using another competing private free market currency, the government shuts it down. Currently, the founder of the Liberty Dollar Bernard Von Nothaus, is in prison for domestic terrorism because he minted his own currency. The FBI said it was an unique form of domestic  terrorism since he was trying to undermine the U.S. dollar. He was undermining the U.S. dollar, he was competing with, it is our federal government and Central government that is undermining our currency.
Back to the Mitt tax return, we should point out that virtually all of his income comes from investments. Investments that created things, things like jobs, products, and places to live. In fact, we’re betting that if he kept that 13.9% the government stole from him, he would probably use it to invest. Not because he is some “do gooder” out to create jobs, but because he wants more wealth, more profits.
The drive for profit, the desire to become wealthy, is one of the best ways for others to prosper.
The best part about allowing people to use their own money to make investments, is that if they fail, it isn’t felt by all, it is only felt by the investor. If it is a bad idea, the investor loses money. However, when the government takes money from us, bad ideas get funded, and when we realize they are bad ideas, the government typically spends more money trying to fix them. When it is so bad that it completely fails, it is felt by all, as the bad investment comes out of our taxes and forces inflation into the rest of the economy.
Ever notice how parts of the economy where the government is less involved the prices go down? From flat screen TV’s to boob jobs, the less government, the more prices go down. However, when it comes to college tuition, housing, and other private industries that the government has taken over, prices go up. College is one of the best examples, when you eliminate the cost of consumer behavior costs spiral out of control. Imagine any other business where the government backs a loan to buy the product, defers payment for a while using the product, and then if that isn’t enough, uses taxpayer money to help thousands buy your product for free. It makes no sense, we know, but that is exactly what has happened in our colleges.
One trend that we hope we see is people waking up to everything that is wrong with the way the current system works. Over the next 5-10 years, with the entitlements blowing up, unemployment rising, and inflation becoming an everyday news story, believes that politicians will increasingly try to turn us against each other. Rather than fight to keep what is ours, politicians will try and keep people fighting over what their neighbor has. 23% of the population is being paid to live here, this group not only pays no income taxes, but they actually receive money from the government through credits, welfare, and other taxpayer funded programs. Now of course we are perfectly fine with them not paying income taxes, the problem is being paid to live here because that 23% is a very large and loyal big government voting bloc. When you include public union workers, sorry guys, but when government workers unionize, it is the union vs the taxpayer, and since the unions donate money as a bloc to their favorite politicians, the taxpayer gets no representation.
Now rather than argue over every detail of public union pensions or entitlements, we will simply just point to a calendar, kind of like when a winning team points to the score board. We don’t need to argue with people about the sustainability of the government payouts, they are bankrupting themselves as we speak. The worst part is they are bankrupting themselves while cheating. If they actually paid people according to the real cost of living increase, these programs would be in far worse shape than bankruptcy.
When it comes to the massive class warfare propaganda we are about to see in the 2012 election, just remember, the government is the people, and government spending is your money!