Forecasting Trends and Staying the Trade
One of the trends of the past 100 years in the U.S. has been more regulations and more government, the result… an epic amount of fraud. The current system described in one word would have to be “unsustainable.” Our debt, natural resources, way of life, economy, and growth of government are all on courses that can not and will not be sustained.
Forecasting trends isn’t hard, what’s hard is having the patience, confidence, and stomach to ‘stay the trade.’
Seizing the Opportunity
What does it mean to ‘stay the trade?’ It means buying on the dips, selling the highs, and staying focused on the end game for your specific investment. Whether it is a 1 minute trade or 10 year trade, if you know your investments and are confident in your trading strategy, then what do you have to worry about?
TIME, time is against those who are in a rush and those who are using money to invest that they can’t afford to lose. Time is on the side of those who are only investing what they can afford to lose and who are patient enough to see things play out.
For those who invested in oil for example, they have seen a rise from $10 a barrel all the way to nearly $150, back down to $30, and now oil is currently sitting at just below $90 per barrel.
Clearly the opportunity to day trade oil has been great, however because oil is in an up trend, even the buy and hold investor has done well.
Do you have the stomach to stay the trade? If you are confident in the trend, patient, and willing to go against the crowd, you can make a lot of money and create an enormous amount of wealth in your lifetime.
Right now believes there is an EPIC opportunity for everyone! The problem is most will have to overcome their own ‘gut feelings’ in order to profit off of a trend that may make many investors rich. We are talking about 1,000-10,000% returns this decade.
One of the worst investments of the past decade will soon become one of the best investments and ultimately one of the biggest bubbles in history!
Mining shares have been brutal! To put it lightly, they have been a disaster for 99.99% of investors, especially the juniors where volume has been low. Please keep in mind that most juniors are worthless, so for those who think they can just throw a dart at a board and find a winner, not yet, that day will come once they enter the bubble territory. However, right now the mining shares are the opposite of a bubble, they have been a real loser for average and professional investors alike. Remember, some of the biggest gurus out there, no wait, ALL the gurus out there pushing mining shares have up until this point been wrong. We include in that category as well, we have tried to partner with the right people and companies, yet it doesn’t matter because the entire junior mining sec tor is down roughly 50% in the past year. Allow us to replace the word ‘wrong’ with ‘EARLY.

Looking for Brutal Honesty? Please Continue Reading.
Right now the juniors are in a very interesting position, and when we say juniors, we are talking about all resource companies not just gold-silver. The valuations of these companies are incredibly low, super cheap by any value investor analysis. So is now the time to get in? It could be…The problem and risk we see is the overall trend of the current stock market, volume has been low, the charts are showing a long overdue correction, and the economy sucks.
So for those looking to get rich off of the trend of gold, silver, and other natural resources, the real question is can one sector in the stock market overcome a downturn in the broader stock market? Our answer in most cases, probably not. If the market is selling off, then everything sells off, the good and bad. The difference though between the next crisis and all other previous modern downturns is the next crisis will likely be a loss of faith in the currency, in the federal reserve system itself.
IF, and as of now it is a big IF, IF there is a strong demand for physical metal and physical commodities as no one wants to hold stocks, bonds, or cash, then this could be the ultimate catalyst to own the junior resource shares like mining stocks. When it comes to the precious metals, they are rare, so if the world has a mad dash to own them, there simply won’t be enough metal to go around until prices see radical increases. As far as things like oil and corn, holding those physically isn’t realistic for most, so investors will go to the next best thing, the companies that produce those commodities. In the case of the precious metals, not only do they risk a physical shortage (most notably in silver), but investors may also find out that much of the world’s gold bars have multiple claims of ownership. This is why we believe that out of all the commodities, gold and silver shares could do the best. A panic in the physical marke ts is unique to the precious metals, therefore we believe the type of move we could see in “the next best thing,” the next best thing being the companies that produce them could be huge. 
Where do we want to be? With the mining sector selling so cheap and many resource investors throwing in the towel, this may be the time to seize the moment. As always, we recommend you do your research, partner with the right people, projects, and make sure the properties they own are in areas where they won’t be confiscated.
This weekend will be presenting a company that we believe meets the criteria of owning a solid investment in the micro-cap arena. Most importantly, the shareholder base is backed by institutions, being partnered with the right team of investors is just as important as the type of people running the companies. A lot of scams are out there and in order to avoid them, you need to make sure even the major shareholders are the type of people you want to work with.  
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