What is George Soros Preparing for? Inflation, War, and a Collapse in the Financials

* Important Update*

According to a 13-F filing (ending June 30th) with the SEC, billionaire George Soros reported that his fund sold nearly all shares of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan. Basically dumping his exposure to the financials.

So what did Soros report that he was buying…Gold.

So why do we think George Soros made these moves?

On the quantitative easing (QE) front, Adam Posen who is an external member of the Bank of England (BOE) is pushing for the FED, ECB, and BOE to unleash more inflation into the system.

Recently it was reported in the FED minutes that QE was on the table which has caused many to speculate on what Bernanke will say at the big banker meeting in Jacksonhole, Wyoming, this Friday. believes that the next major round will be huge, however, if it doesn’t come soon, we believe it won’t happen until either after the election or a strike on Iran by the U.S. or Israel.

If Israel strikes Iran before the election, they are certain to receive support from both candidates, however if they wait until after the election, full support from the U.S. is not certain. So without getting into the politics or our personal opinion, puts the chances of an Iranian strike prior to the U.S. election at around 65%.

Over the next 8 weeks will be announcing several high quality companies that we believe could be very profitable for our members during a time of significant currency printing from central bankers or a new war in the middle east. Unfortunately for the world, we believe that the odds of both of these events happening almost at the exact same time is very high.

Once a strike on Iran happens, we believe within 7 days we will see $140 to as high as $175 barrel oil, $2,200 to $3,000 gold, and a rally in energy, precious metals, and defense shares.