Gold Closes Today at a RECORD $1,785!!! believes that in the short term, over the next 1 to 12 months, a lot of wealth is going to be flooding into gold.Those that were looking to other fiat currencies for a safe haven have the potential to get burned as central banks around the world are coordinating a massive devaluation of all currencies. Though we doubt it will go through, right now the Swiss National Bank is debating on whether or not to place a currency peg against the Euro. The Swiss National Bank has clearly injected this idea into the main stream as every Swiss news agency is covering it as their #1 story. In our opinion, this is currency suicide for the Swiss, yet this is now a real possiblity. Just two weeks ago the Swiss cut interest rates in order to weaken their currency, so already investors have seen that running to the Swiss may not be the right answer. believes that the rush to gold will soon start once gold breaks $2,000 per ounce. It is very possible that gold mania in Europe and Asia will breakout quickly pushing gold up another $500 in a very short time period. IF the Swiss were to peg themselves to the Euro, we believe this could be a major catalyst for a HUGE move up in gold. Imagine all of the investors who jumped the Euro ship looking for safety only to find themselves tied to the Euro again, these people will almost certainly go to gold. The fact that they are in the Swiss Franc already tells us what they think about the dollar, so it is highly likely that big money that was in the Swiss Franc for the long term will move into gold sending the price over $2,000 per ounce. You also have to consider what would happen if another major news event happened, safe haven fiat currencies would pretty much be nonexistent and investors would have no choice but to go into gold accelerating all bullish gold price predictions even by hard core gold bugs.
Other catalyst to push gold higher in 2011
  • Super Congress Success in Cuts or Failure (we’re betting on the latter)
  • Quantitative Easing 3(QE3)
  • Market Collapse Prior to QE3 Being Announced 
  • Bank of America (BAC) Filing Bankruptcy, Being Broken Up, or Bailed Out  
  • The Acceptance that the U.S. is Still in Recession and that Bernanke is out of Conventional Ammo 
  • Black Swan Event

These of course are just some of the catalyst to push gold higher. For some of the longer term trends that will push gold higher, please watch our 6 minute micro-doc titled “Gold This Decade.”

Campaign Season Starts 
Progessive Keynesian Militant Republicans Vs. Progressive Keynesian Militant Democrats
Obama’s Debt Tour Bus
President Obama is currently riding around in a 2 million dollar bus in order to began his debt tour of the nation’s battleground states. President Obama’s message to voters is that he reversed the recession until the recovery was hit by bad luck coming from overseas. Mr. Obama must has overlooked the fact that according to his own government agency, GDP collapsed at the end of 2010, prior the Arab revolutions, Tsunami, and Europe panic.
Ames Straw Poll
Four years ago when Mike Huckabee won second place it was the story of the day, this year you would think that no one won second. In fact, we would even agree with having no second place winner since Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman were essentially tied for first. There was less than a 1% difference between the two winners, in fact their votes totaled more than 50% of all votes cast. The results were so devastating it even caused one of the Keynesian politicians to drop out of the race.
Ron Paul Responds to the Media Blackout
Ron Paul was on CNN last night when he finally had someone interview him regarding his photo finish with Michelle Bachman. The video has been posted on our video page at:  
What the Hell is going on with the Stock Market?
Look, pure and simple without quantitative easing, the stock market is screwed. We are literally one story away from a full blown meltdown. The fundamentals for the economy post quantitative easing are a disaster. Protecting yourself from a market downturn and keeping some opportunity cash to the side should be everyones top priority.
Think about the how a second wave could look if we have some type of Lehman Brothers moment. In 2008, we had 27 million people on food stamps, today we have 46 million. Unemployment is higher, the duration for the unemployed is at a record, and in order just to pretend we have a functioning recovery, the government is borrowing over 40 cents for every dollar we spend.
We are NOT investment advisers, but we do want to disclose that our chief strategist currently owns the following options, Citi Bank (C) Jan12 $30 Puts, Bank of America (BAC) Jan12 $6 Puts, S&P 500 (SPY) Jan12 $119 Puts, GLD Jan12 $170 Calls, and SLV Jan12 $39 Calls. Options are NOT for anyone who can’t accept HIGH RISK, options are a BET that something could go up or down in a specific time period. Most options expire worthless and are for professionals only, please do NOT invest in options without educating yourself and speaking with a licensed professional. Our chief strategist has been in and out of these trades for the past 4 weeks and will continue to trade them as the market moves.
The reason we are disclosing these current positions is because we are very concerned about the risk of another market crash. We believe that to a certain extent the FED wants/needs a crash prior to unleashing another major dose of QE. Only this time, the fiat currency system itself will be on the line.