Menu has just interviewed our favorite expert on the dollar, John Rubino with

John discusses a number of scenarios that could potentially play out with oil prices and what could happen in America geopolitically and economically.

“With prices rising, it’s inflationary in the sense that it drives the prices up to match the increased costs to operate but yet it’s deflationary because of the extra money that it sucks out of the American economy.”

He discusses the possibility of Israel attacking Iran and oil spiking to 200 dollars a barrel, sending gas prices to 10 dollars a gallon and putting America into a severe energy crisis.

John discusses ways to protect yourself against out of control government and staying out of the reach of the IRS as much as possible.

“We Are A Doomed Society” -John Rubino.

This interview will inspire you to be prepared for a dollar crisis and a government that has turned against the people.