The One Oil Stock You Should Be Looking At Today!

When it comes to investing, being in hard assets is exactly the place we like to be and investing in the oil industry is a great way to expose yourself to the upside that we see coming in oil. The upside for Vanguard Energy Corp (VNGE) is HUGE in our opinion. With China and India alone expected to absorb all the oil produced in the next decade, we couldn’t be happier to be presenting a really exciting company to our members at this time.

Though it brings no joy to mention this, we should also note that the drums of war are beating as we speak. The U.S. Defense Secretary yesterday stated that they are ready to “stop Iran and are ready from a military perspective.” For us, a rising price in oil is inevitable, however we should always point out that there are some wild card events out there that could spike the price overnight. Preparing and profiting from these type of events is important for all investors.
Please read this entire email, this is without a doubt the closest you may ever come to being part of a real oil deal that is GROSSLY UNDERVALUED!!!

VNGE’s SEC accepted engineered PV-10 (present day value) of their oil alone is already over $31.7 million (based on only HALF of their wells), currently the companies market cap is under 14 million. Seeing VNGE double or triple this year would not surprise us at all, especially if the price of oil rises as they are producing at a cost of under $20 per barrel. You are literally one of the first investors to hear about VNGE, but not for long…

VNGE is an early-stage, largely undiscovered micro-cap oil producer that has experienced remarkable growth in cash flow and oil reserves since its founding in 2010. This growth is expected to accelerate dramatically over the next 12 to 18 months.

Company: Vanguard Energy Corp.
Symbol: VNGE
PPS: $1.04
Rating: Highest Confidence

VNGE is a company that is very excited to present to our members.

***VNGE is already profitable with a strong balance sheet and management team.

Something that we would like to immediately point out is that there is a very tight share structure with only 13,390,000 shares outstanding with a total market capitalization of under 14 million at the current price!!!

It is difficult to find a pure domestic public oil production company with a market capitalization under $100 million. VNGE has a straight forward and refreshingly simple business model that calls for the creation of cash flow, oil reserves and shareholder value in the shortest time possible by drilling a significant number of new oil wells. VNGE uses a prudent but aggressive mix of debt and equity to allow for the highest possible shareholder value creation.

VNGE’s SEC accepted engineered PV-10 (present day value) of their oil alone is already over $31.7 million and growing fast. VNGE stock is 100% owned by management and individual investors. This will almost surely change as the company continues its growth and is discovered by institutions.

VNGE is focused strictly on oil as compared to some others that might also explore and drill for natural gas.

VNGE takes on low risk projects that involve shallow drilling of new wells and can literally drill up to 50+ new wells on their properties. VNGE produces oil for an extremely low cost of under 20 dollars a barrel. VNGE plans to have active drilling projects for the rest of 2012 and into 2013.

Something to note that gives us great confidence in VNGE is that oil could actually fall down to 40 dollars a barrel and the company will still be profitable!!! Even in the event of a major panic in oil, VNGE stays profitable!!!

VNGE is using the latest and greatest 3-D seismic technology for their surveys which have proven to be extremely profitable and eco-friendly. This 3-D seismic technology allows for added accuracy in selection of drilling locations. Each new well the company drills is a significant financial event. They cost $700,000 per well, take less than a week to complete, typically return the entire investment in 12 months, and are expected to produce oil for 30 to 40 years.

VNGE plans to ultimately merge with a larger oil producer in a stock transaction when the fundamentals merit the price the management is seeking.

Batson Dome Field

VNGE’s Batson Dome 500+ acre lease position offers potential for over 50 new drilling locations in a field that has produced 70 million barrels of oil historically, which would equal to approximately 5 billion dollars at today’s prices. As much land as VNGE has, they still continue to expand their lease position. The oil produced from the field is light, sweet, high-quality crude with a specific gravity of 21 to 35 degrees which sells for a $4.50 premium to regular Texas oil. As straight forward as this sounds, the best place to find oil is in the middle of an existing oil field! This is something that VNGE lives by and is finding themselves in a very profitable position. VNGE’s main project focus is in oil friendly hydrocarbon-rich east Texas.

VNGE’s Batson Dome has potential to have 50+ operating wells each with Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) of 40,000 to 50,000 barrels per well, with future cash flow of over $2 million to VNGE’s interest. Currently VNGE has just completed 9 wells which currently puts our members in the very early stages of company potential. It was only this last December where VNGE had drilled and completed its 4th well and now they have reached their 9th. These wells that VNGE is completing are brand new. It is reasonable to believe the company will have 20 to 30 producing wells by year-end 2012, which would mean monthly net cash flow of over $1,000,000 per month. The company has an impressive 100% success rate on all wells drilled to date.

At just 9 operating wells, VNGE’s net cash flows at 80 dollars per barrel are at $400,000 per month. The potential for that number to climb is great considering VNGE has imminent plans to increase the number of operating wells. This isn’t even taking into consideration possible wild card events that simply cause oil to increase per barrel lifting profit margins and further adding to shareholder’s value.

Management for VNGE is Exceptional

Going down the list of people who are in charge of this amazing company is one of the biggest reasons why we are so confident in the future potential of VNGE. Sometimes it’s not what the company is doing, but it’s who’s running the company that will determine the success and output of the efforts. We could not be working with a more qualified group of people. The VNGE management team has the experience and knowledge to build and run a billion dollar oil company.

Dr. R. Gerald Bailey
One member of the management team that initially caught our attention was R. Gerald Bailey, PHD, chairman of the board of directors. His experience and resume speaks for itself. Most notably, he served as a senior executive and engineer with Exxon, most recently as President, Arabian Gulf. Dr. Bailey worked with Exxon for 20 years. Before Exxon, Dr. Bailey was an executive at Texaco for 15 years. You can bet that his sights are set high for VNGE and he will be bringing his best for the company.

Warren M. Dillard
Mr. Dillard is the President and CEO of VNGE. Staff at was fortunate enough to actually meet with Mr. Dillard while researching VNGE. Mr. Dillard is EXACTLY the type of person you want to invest with, a humble man with a very successful track record. Mr. Dillard has our highest confidence when it comes to getting this deal done; he will do everything he can to maximize shareholder value. We have no doubt that early investors will be rewarded by partnering with him should VNGE be sold to a mid-tier oil company.

His knowledge and experience in the oil industry like Dr. Bailey is extremely favorable. Most recently he served as a senior officer and director of Enercor, a company that has assembled over 40,000 acres of oil and gas leases with significant reserves in the western U.S. He is also a director of Surge Energy, a publicly traded oil and gas company. Previously, he received additional oil and gas industry experience with Mobil Oil Company. In addition to Warren Dillard’s work history, he obtained his MBA from Harvard Business School with honors, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Having the leadership and know-how that Mr. Dillard brings to the table is something we look for when we are searching for potential investment ideas.

Most Recent News On VNGE

In addition to all the great things that are already going on with VNGE, they just announced that they acquired a new lease that will expose them to an additional 45 acres in the Hull-Daisetta field which is only about 10 miles away from their Batson Dome property. Knowing what we know about VNGE, we are confident that they will do everything they can to expand and maximize the potential at this site just like they are doing at Batson Dome. Being a part of a dynamic and successful company that is doing all the right things is something that brings us great joy.

The story about VNGE cannot be overstated. is encouraging all members to immediately do their own research on VNGE now.

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