You Have Been Conditioned To Lose

The idea of retirement is insane. Seriously think about it, conventional wisdom has trained millions of people to believe that the best plan for their life is to work for 40 years and then start living, enjoying the good life. Is that really what you want to do with your life? Work during the BEST years of your life so that you can have free time during the physically worst years of your life?
To top it off, the 401k and IRA has been sold to millions that if you put money in them, one day you will be lucky enough to spend that money in the lowest tax bracket. Seriously? They don’t even hide it from you, the plan is for you to be the lowest (AKA poorest tax bracket) during the last years of your life.
Our answer: REJECT the system, make your own plan, and live a great life. 
The retirement plan is destined to fail anyway. For those that don’t know, it is all just one big experiment.
  • 45% of working age households will NOT be ready for retirement according to the National Retirement Risk Index.
  • Net social security replacement rates will drop to 30% by 2030.
  • Average 401k’s will only provide $200 per month for retirees.
  • Mutual Fund returns of the last 30 years will be dramatically different compared to the next 30 years.
  • 401k’s and IRA’s have been around since the late 1970’s, so for those who have been sold by your local Primerica rep, we are sorry to say that Adam and Eve did not have a 401k and the Dow Jones has NOT always been a great investment for every generation. The Dow had a ZERO percent return from 1929-1954, and adjusted for inflation, investors are down from purchases they made back in 1999.
Retirement for us is a lot like camping, people save up all year long to live like a homeless person for 2 weeks. Only the retirement plan has people saving for 40 years to live poor for their last 10-20 years.
  • STOP buying investments that you know NOTHING about.
  • Start buying investments that you understand and that make sense.
  • Do the opposite of the masses, this statement has honestly made us rich. Let us repeat it, do the opposite of the masses.
  • Educate yourself financially and separate financial success from life success.
When we look at a potential investment it is either because it provides cash flow or because we want to become part of the deal.
As you research stocks, which are without a doubt the most highly liquid investment vehicles to increase your wealth, you need to go in with a plan.
Trading is a great way to make money in our opinion and so is long term buying, but you need to have a clear objective. Always lock in profits and sell your losers when day trading. For your long term investments, if you confidently know the deal, then buy the dips, those dips are what will make you rich!
With the Greek elections this Sunday and the FED meeting next week, expect a lot of volatility. If you can’t stomach it, get out. If you can, then get ready for what we believe will be the final discounts on inflation-trades.
The junior mining sector and the resource sector overall has been slammed, we expect them to bottom after the FED meeting. We should note that we expect the FED to disappoint Wall St., which will be great because the masses will be running, blood in the streets, and that is exactly when we will be out buying some of these great companies on our watch list.
For those who have been waiting for potentially the ultimate chance at owning these shares, your wait is almost up!
Look for our special alerts, starting next week!

Nothing is more fun in our opinion then getting rich, so we plan to announce our largest holding, one that we have revealed in the past, this is one we don’t want anyone to miss the boat on. We guess you could invest in some random stock or fund for 30 years and hope and pray that it goes up, but what’s the fun in that? It is time to be part of a real deal, an investment that has the potential to be a net worth game changer!