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Today I wanted to cover some recent questions I have received at our email.

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Trend Mail Q&A

Paul M.
I currently have a 401k that only gives me 10 options, what should I do? I am worried about the U.S. dollar, my only options are a money market account, U.S. stocks funds, and 1 international fund.

Daniel Ameduri
Paul this is probably the most asked question I have received over the past 5 years. There are many answers but what it comes down to is your own personal belief level. If you believe that the dollar will absolutely collapse, then you should consider borrowing against your 401k to purchase gold, silver, or some other type of inflation related hedge. You may even want to take it further if you believe a collapse is imminent by cashing it out and paying a penalty, however I certainly don’t recommend this.

What I would personally do if I was in your situation, and I do believe the dollar is doomed, I would split your funds between whatever U.S. large cap fund you have and the foreign fund. Here is why, the U.S. large cap fund will likely have companies that are not going away, they have real value, and if the dollar does collapse, whatever new currency we use in the future will still give these great companies value. A lot of these U.S. large caps also earn a large portion of their income from outside the U.S. Take Coke for example, 70% of its revenues come from international sales. This leads to my next idea of owning the foreign fund. I hate that you can’t pick your stocks in a 401k, but at least owning a foreign fund gives you exposure to other currencies. Dealing with the limitations of the 401k is a big one and is just another reason I can’t stand these type of investment vehicles.

Jamie W.
Well Dan, the Dow Jones is at 15,000 now and I recently heard you on a radio show calling for Dow 20,000. Is this still in the cards or are we about to see a pull back?

Daniel Ameduri
A pull back should always be expected, especially with this recent run we have had, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than a 5% move to the down side. Bernanke is pumping the market up because he knows that pensions, Obama, and many others are depending on the FED to keep the illusion going. So, I honestly believe that before we see a major crash, the Dow is going north of 20,000, we may even see 30,000.

Remember stocks are certificates backed by real things, so when the FED devalues the dollar, the measuring stick (dollar) used to value stocks makes them look like they are rising more rapidly than they really are. I personally am more invested in the market than I have ever been in my life, I want to profit off of Bernanke’s bubble and I also am seeking safety in boring large cap companies as well as a few junior gold miners.

Chris P.
I hate this spam you guys send with these stupid advertisements, if I get one more I will unsubscribe. Can you do something about this? I’ve followed you since your VisionVictory days on Youtube.

Daniel Ameduri
Chris, we spend all day researching because it is truly what we love to do. Unfortunately we don’t get paid for reading and digging through boring government reports like the jobsnumbers, so in exchange for our work and to keep 90% of our research free to you, we dohave sponsors. I always put right at the top that it is a message from our sponsor and honestly some of the biggest gainers this year have been from those very ads. Myself and my team are free market capitalist and we make no apologies, if you don’t like our research or the sponsors that feed our families, then please hit the unsubscribe button that is offered up in every single email. I truly appreciate your long standing support and hope you continue to enjoy our free newsletter.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Ameduri
Editor in Chief,

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